It’s been a month since the State Fair and my belly still hurts. Worth it. Looking for somewhere healthier to grab a bite to eat at? Look no further!

Birchwood Cafe has a menu for breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner, drinks & desserts, AND happy hour, all with numbers of healthy and delicious foods to choose from! Their dishes are made from local and organic food sources, so whatever you choose will be feel-good fresh.

This homey and community-loved restaurant is committed to ethics and inclusion. Vegan, gluten free or omnivorous, sweet tooth or team savory – there’s something on the menu that everyone will love! One of their most favorited dishes is their Savory Waffle. Its batter is deliciously made of sweet corn, cornmeal, and cheddar cheese. It’s uniquely topped with tomato jam, spicy honey butter, sunny-side egg, bacon lardoons, maple syrup, powdered sugar. Don’t knock it until you try it! If you’re feeling a little hesitant, the Blueberry Pancakes are another excellent option. These fancy-schmancy pancakes are topped with roasted peach salsa, Birchwood granola, creme fraiche, powdered sugar and maple syrup.

Although I’m a breakfast-for-dinner girl, I understand that my love (okay, obsession) for syrup isn’t shared by all. Birchwood Cafe’s menu has plenty of options for those who choose salt over sugar too. Stop by on any Fridays from 5-9pm for their Fish Fry. Not only has the walleye they serve been sustainably caught right from Red Lake, MN, it perfectly fried in a gluten free batter. Their housemade tartar sauce, seasonal coleslaw, and organic french fries make this classic meal extraordinary.

The most popular vegan-chosen meal is the Sunny Day sandwich – Marinated tempeh, sunflower seed pate, yellow tomato, cucumber, cracked pepper tofu spread, little lettuces cuddled between fresh focaccia flatbread. I have to admit, even being a loud-and-proud carnivore, this sounds incredibly tasty!

And for my meat-lover friends, keep your calendar free next Sunday afternoon and head to Birchwood Cafe for their Sunday Burgers + Beer special. It’s just $30 for two burgers and two pints! It’s up to you, do you feel like the Peterson Limousin beef, Ferndale turkey or housemade black bean quinoa burger? All of them are delicately topped with housemade ketchup, mustard, onion, pickled cucumbers, and lettuce on a fresh birdseed bun. Your pints can be any beer, cider or kombucha tap – does it get any better?

The restaurant is just a 10 mile drive from Morrie’s Heritage. Located on East 25th Street in Minneapolis and close to the river, the restaurant is a perfect place to awe over the changing leaves and transition of seasons at. I heard organic food and classic cars are the new health fad, so rent an MHCC car and head to Birchwood Cafe!