17 07, 2018

Ralleye de Valleye – Mini Horse Rides Again

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Last weekend, Adam (our MHCC Program Coordinator) and I threw a couple backpacks into the back of “Mini Horse” a.k.a. the 1977 Mazda Rotary Engine Pick Up and joined 20 other classic cars on the first annual Ralleye de Valleye which took us from Hastings, MN over the river  and into Wisconsin as we snaked our way through the absolutely wonderful “ABC” roads along the Mississippi River with stops along the way in Wabasha and Winona before stopping overnight in La Crosse, WI and heading north again the following day before ending the journey at StoneRidge Golf Club in Stillwater. […]

17 05, 2018

MHCC Spring Fun Run 2018

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You couldn’t have asked for better cruising weather than what we had last night for our annual Spring Fun Run. We left the MHCC warehouse with 9 cars and toured the back roads out west of Lake Minnetonka before arriving at Lord Fletcher’s for a group dinner. With the temperature in the high-70’s, it was beautiful top-down weather and everyone arrived at Fletcher’s in high spirits. We hope you can join us on the next one! […]

17 10, 2017

The MHCC Fall Color Tour – 2017

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Last week we decided that the fall colors had almost hit their peak, so we hit the open road and cruised to Lord Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka for an evening of food and fun. We had around 10 cars on this year’s cruise, and we made a little noise, took in all the best Minnesota fall colors, and grabbed an excellent dinner on the lake. We’ll let the pictures do the talking for now, but don’t fret if you missed out – we’re already planning our Spring Fun Run for next year! Again, thank you to those who joined and we hope to see you again next year! […]

26 04, 2017

Heritage Shakedown Street Vol. 1

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After sitting in a warehouse for 5 months, the cars of Heritage were ready to get out and stretch their legs again! While some cars woke up happier than others, the Morrie's marketing team picked out a few favorites to bring home over the weekend to work the kinks out. It's a rough job, but someone has to do it. Check out what each one of us drove and why we love these cars so much: Lauren - 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer I have a thing for station wagons, and while the Grand Wagoneer is definitely more SUV than station wagon, it still satisfied my craving. Do I need enough cargo space to haul at least 3 full sized dogs? No, because I have a cat. But I enjoy having virtually zero blind spots and knowing I could go adopt 3 full sized dogs. And while the leaf springs lend a certain bounciness that's hard to ignore, the plush leather seats provide a very comfortable seat. This thing seems so classic to me, from the *almost* shag carpeting to the tan leather interior to the "wood" side panels. I've yet to drive a Heritage car that doesn't attract attention, and the Jeep is no exception. There is something very regal about this Jeep; some might even call it...Grand! Laura – 1989 Mercedes 560SL Being a newbie to the world of classic cars, I was a little nervous upon being handed the keys to this Mercedes – would I feel like a novice [...]

30 03, 2017

#MorriesRoadTrip Goes Off-Road

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Currently, my newest, most reliable vehicle is an 18-year old Toyota 4Runner. Being my daily driver, it spends 95% of its time on pavement, stuck in traffic, or running boring errands. But it’s that other 5% that is responsible for me sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars into maintenance and modifications. While my 4Runner is plenty comfortable to gobble up mile after mile of highway, it’s really happy as soon as the pavement ends. Like a pig in mud, my 4Runner is happiest in… err… mud. And rocks. And climbing up and down hills. And going over logs and ruts. The less of a “road” it’s on, the better. Which is exactly why I spent a day putting my 4Runner through its paces on the Spider Lake Trails in the Foot Hills State Forest up near Pine River, MN a couple weeks back with some other Toyota enthusiasts. Plus, it was a good excuse to take a #MorriesRoadtrip! […]

20 09, 2016

Minnesota Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph – Small Car, Big Dude

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We’ll be taking full credit for Kyle Rudolph’s touchdown this past Sunday against the Packers. When you arrive at the brand new U.S. Bank stadium with your seven way massaging seats going in a Bentley Bentayga SUV, you’re sure to be relaxed and ready to play. It seemed like it paid off for Kyle as he nabbed the first touchdown as a Viking in the brand new billion dollar stadium on Sunday night. SKOL VIKES! […]

19 08, 2016

Defending the Boundary

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Every year a group of friends and I make plans to do something special. Two of their birthdays fall just a day apart in early August. This year it was decided that we would venture up to the Boundary Waters. Morries has been a sponsor and supporter of my MNC&C event since its inception in 2008.  I reached out to our friends at Morries Heritage Connection. They have a pretty broad and eclectic collection of cars for rent. They’ve had the D90 at the event before, so I already knew exactly what I wanted for the weekend. As luck would have it, the D90 was available that weekend and after getting the rental paperwork in order I was on the road with my “dream truck”. […]

2 02, 2016

You have to visit the Revs Institute if you’re in Southwest Florida

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1959 Porsche 718 RSK Spyder If you read my last post, Exploring Paradise Wtih a Quirky Travel Companion, you know I escaped frozen Minnesota last week for a cruise around the Caribbean.  Before hitting the high seas we spent a couple days in Florida with my in-laws.  I’ve visited their winter retreat several times in Naples yet never made the short trip to see the Revs Institute.  If you’re unfamiliar, the Revs Institute presents the Collier Collection of over 100 historically significant vehicles built between 1896 and 1995.  In their words, “The automobiles on display are some of the rarest and most important cars ever built at anytime, anywhere…the ones that variously blazed technical pathways, redefined aesthetic standards, made history, and changed the world.”  To put it more simply, their cars are simply amazing. 1964 Alfa Romeo GTZ […]

29 12, 2015

A trip to the scrap yard with OJ

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All hitched up and ready to head to the scrap yard Two summers ago I was offered an interesting proposition, one that involved a relatively short drive and two long forgotten Porsche 914s.  I was more or less told I could have the cars if I loaded them up and hauled them away.  Naturally I accepted the offer and planned two trips to the farm in Faribault where they were located.  I don’t really consider myself a harborer of orphaned cars, but seeing as I already owned two 914s, it seemed logical to acquire the two parts cars (I use that term loosely) and pilfer any useable parts from the derelict misfits. The rust old 914 was in good company, but definitely overstayed its welcome in the garage Fast forward a year and a half and we end up at last weekend.  After many a long night in the garage, busted knuckles, cursing, grinding, cursing, beer drinking and general disassembly I was ready to bring misfit 914 number two to the scrap yard.  I’d salvaged what I could from it and had to bring it to the place where all cars go to die — the scapyard or in this case Metro Metals Recycling.  The only problem was that I needed a tow vehicle on short notice.   […]