23 07, 2019

Plan for the worst, hope for the best – my trip to the 2019 WeatherTech International Challenge

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Racing is one hell of a drug. When driver and car are running flawlessly the emotional high is amazing. On the other hand, when everything is going wrong the low is absolutely miserable. Anyone who’s been involved in the sport for a reasonable amount of time can certainly attest. Personally, having campaigned a car or two for the better part of twenty years I’ve experienced all the emotions. And if I’m being honest, as of late there’s been more mechanical misery. Perhaps that’s why I approached the 2019 WeatherTech International Challenge at Road America assuming all would go wrong. Or maybe because that’s exactly what happened the year prior. Regardless, if I learned anything during the weekend, it’s that you should expect the unexpected, and that sometimes the unexpected it sheer joy. If you’ve never been to the WeatherTech International Challenge (WIC), or The Hawk as many refer to it, what are you waiting for? It one of the largest assemblies of vintage race cars and enthusiasts in the country hosted at what I consider the greatest race track in the great in North America, Road America. Attending the event has become a family tradition for me, dating back to when I was a young 10-year old and leading up to now attending with my kids. The event truly offers fun for the whole family, particularly if the family has a bit of motor oil running through their veins. So, needless to say as the 2019 WIC rolled around, I [...]

16 07, 2019

To Denver and Back! A Mecum Auction Road Trip

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We decided that it was time to sell a few of our vehicles from our fleet. We sent the Thunderbird to Mecum in Phoenix over the winter where we, unfortunately, didn’t have the best luck. That didn’t stop us from trying again, and this time we wanted to double down with our ’65 Lincoln and ’66 Corvair. We had the cars shipped and thought maybe we’d just fly down. Then we realized that it would be way more fun to drive and packed up our 1987 Porsche 911 and planned a fun route to Denver. This is a story about our drive, so if you want to read about the auction results, you can click here! […]

13 05, 2019

Sometimes You Just Need A Truck – Mini Horse To The Rescue

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I used to own a basic Ford Ranger. Prior to my ownership, someone probably used as a work truck. It had no frills and I didn’t drive it often, but I hung onto it for almost 10 years because it was a workhorse. Every once in a while, I found myself needing a truck to carry things I couldn’t – or didn’t want to – fit in the back of whatever car I had at the time. Over time, I found myself using my old Ranger less and less. Eventually, I donated it to charity and it found a new life with someone else. Instead, I bought an SUV that would be better suited to off-road adventures but could still fill in for the occasional trip to the home improvement store. […]

5 11, 2018

Road Trip Role Reversal with a 1980’s Porsche 911

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Imagine yourself crammed into the backseat of a 1980’s era Porsche 911 exploring the Midwest on family road trips for hours on end. Sounds comfy, right? Well, that’s how I spent many a summer when I was growing up. Mom and Dad would enjoy the relatively expansive front seats while my awkward teenage body was crammed like a sardine in the back seat. For hundreds and hundreds of miles. First world problem, right? Truth be told a Porsche 911 wasn’t the best road trip vehicle for a backseat passenger approaching his late-teens, but the reality is those road trips were a lot of fun. And thank god I was an only child because the way my mom packed there wasn’t room for anyone else but my pudgy self and her abundance of extra baggage in the back seat. Strangely, while I’ve had a lot of (back) seat time in Porsche 911s, I’ve never really spent any significant time behind the wheel. That is until we acquired the MHCC Porsche 911. The car is one of our most popular rentals and whenever it’s not booked I look for any excuse I can find to drive it. The perfect opportunity arose two weekends ago. […]

19 09, 2018

Fall Color Tour – Wednesday, Oct. 17th – 5:00pm

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We want to invite everyone out Wednesday, Oct. 17th to drive one of our Level 1 – 4 vehicles for only $125 – and we’ll supply the dinner (alcohol not included). You can upgrade to a Level 5-6 vehicle for $200. You can also add a second meal to your reservation for $25, just let us know if your email if you’ll have a guest. You can meet us at the Morrie’s Heritage warehouse on Wednesday, Oct. 17th at 5:00 pm and we’ll start our cruise at 5:30 pm. We can’t wait to see everyone for dinner and that will be held at B’s On The River in Watertown! We’ll plan on about an hour and a half drive to the dinner location. Email us at MHCC@morries.com to let us know you’re coming out! Make sure to get your reservation in for the rental on our online booking tool, and use the coupon code “fallcolor” when booking. Leave a PayPal deposit at the end of the reservation and we’ll settle up for the balance if you want to add a guest! We’ll see you all soon!   Reserve Your Spot Now   […]

25 07, 2018

Mercedes Then and Now – 560SL vs SL63

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Cars, and the way people use cars, have changed significantly since the introduction of the Mercedes SL-class in 1954.  Between the 1989 560SL and the 2009 Sl63 there has been 20 years of research and development, and a lot has changed.  Obviously, the body style and components completely changed with each iteration, but more importantly, has the way the car drives and feels completely changed as well? 1989 560SL: Weight: 3,704 lbs. Engine: 5.0 liter V8 Power: 227 hp & 279 lbs. ft. of torque RWD Transmission: 4 speed auto 2 Seater 2009 SL63: Weight: 4,274 lbs. Engine: 6.2 liter V8 Power: 518 hp & 465 lbs. ft. of torque RWD Transmission: 7 speed auto 2 Seater Performance wise, the SL63 is a completely different animal than the 560SL.  Both of these cars are powered by V8’s, so neither lack power (especially the SL63).  However, the humongous 6.2 liter V8 rockets the SL63 from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, compared to the 7.3 seconds it takes in the 560SL.  The SL63 handles significantly better than the 560SL, there is very little body roll and it gives you the illusion that you are gliding around each corner.  However, by no means am I saying that the 560 handles poorly.  It is actually one of the most comfortable classic car I've ever driven and it never felt unstable or floaty while behind its wheel. Although the new SL63 out performs the 560SL in every way, the 560SL's vintage charm makes it equally [...]

25 07, 2018

Tales from the Track – Too much wrenching, not enough racing

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The International Challenge at Road America (aka the Hawk, the KIC and the July vintage races at Road America) will always be one of, if not my favorite weekends of the year. I started attending yearly with my family in the early nineties and stepped up as a competitor in my 914-6 in the late-nineties keeping the family tradition alive. Of the 16+ times I've raced at the event I can count the number of times I've had significant mechanical issues on three fingers. This past weekend I added a fourth finger into the mix. Humor me for a few minutes as I set the stage. Snugly loaded into the truck, we hit the road for out six hour drive to Road America Wednesday morning I hit the road with my family pointed towards Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, home of Road America, AKA the best place on earth (at least as far as any car guy/gal is concerned). Five of us packed into my pickup with trailer hitched behind us hauling everything including the kitchen sink. Above and beyond the race cars and associated parts we had more food than an all you can eat buffet, bicycles, scooters, life jackets, party rafts (you read that right) and much more. We left on time, made good time and we arrived at the track arguably the earliest we ever have on the Wednesday prior to the big racing weekend. We got our paddock space all setup, and with our work complete at [...]

24 07, 2018

“The Hawk” at Road America

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Recently, the MHCC team spent some time at Road America for a race weekend to most, simply known as “The Hawk.” It’s a vintage road race that I’ve personally attended almost 25 years in a row now, and I can still say that it’s one I look forward to each year. As more and more vintage vehicles seem to fade into private collections, there’s still a large number of unique and amazing racecars to see – so check out our photo recap of the weekend, from the racing action, to the street car concours, and much more! […]

17 07, 2018

Ralleye de Valleye – Mini Horse Rides Again

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Last weekend, Adam (our MHCC Program Coordinator) and I threw a couple backpacks into the back of “Mini Horse” a.k.a. the 1977 Mazda Rotary Engine Pick Up and joined 20 other classic cars on the first annual Ralleye de Valleye which took us from Hastings, MN over the river  and into Wisconsin as we snaked our way through the absolutely wonderful “ABC” roads along the Mississippi River with stops along the way in Wabasha and Winona before stopping overnight in La Crosse, WI and heading north again the following day before ending the journey at StoneRidge Golf Club in Stillwater. […]

31 05, 2018

Marketing Interns and Audis: Do They Mix?

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School’s out and summer jobs are starting. Our summer marketing interns, Zach and Claire, had a less than typical assignment their first week on the job. They were sent on a road trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin to experience and report on how the 2018 Audi Q7 and 2018 Audi A7 drove. Claire: The A7 is a perfect mix of luxury and sport. Its exterior is sharp and sexy, somewhat resembling a young hatchback with long body and notable cargo capacity. The driver sits low, amplifying its sport car vibe. However, the electric seat positioning allows for incredible adjustability, I was comfortable the entire 3-hour drive. The A7 is a perfect car for those who are looking for a daily car but aren’t willing to sacrifice speed, the quickness of the supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine makes for a conservative adrenaline rush. The A7 is a smooth ride with a reliable and impressive turning radius, it was a blast to drive on the curvy, riverside roads to La Crosse. Zach: The A7 can be summed up in the phrase form and function.  The A7 is absolutely gorgeous and it is a functional daily driver as well.  There are plenty of beautiful sports cars/super cars out there, such as the Audi R8, but none are able to double as functional family cars at the same time.  With seating for 5 and a spacious trunk there is plenty of room to put groceries or your kid’s sports equipment, especially with the rear seats [...]

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