I love cars. I spend most of my work day around cars and I spend almost all of my free time around cars  I just like being around cars.  Since MN C&C is only held once a month, I am always looking for car shows and meets in my area. Not far from where I live there’s a nice little town called Victoria, which is known for its parks and lakes.  There is a quaint downtown area with restaurants, retail and even a small brewery right in the middle of it all.

Every other Wednesday during the summer they cordon off several city blocks and invite folks to bring out their cars. There are typically thousands of people who come to see the multitude of cars that are on display. While mostly populated by classic muscle cars, no vehicle is turned away. You’ll find everything from fully restored show cars, to all original rides, works in progress and even a tractor or two. Beyond the car show, you’ll find live music, raffles, giveaways and some great restaurants.

Discover Victoria has 3 shows left this season, Aug 19th, Sept 2nd & 19th. If you are free on one of these Wednesdays and want to have a great time with your family or friends, motor your way to Victoria, MN. Even if you don’t like cars as much as I do, you won’t regret going.


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