Every year a group of friends and I make plans to do something special. Two of their birthdays fall just a day apart in early August. This year it was decided that we would venture up to the Boundary Waters. Morries has been a sponsor and supporter of my MNC&C event since its inception in 2008.  I reached out to our friends at Morries Heritage Connection. They have a pretty broad and eclectic collection of cars for rent. They’ve had the D90 at the event before, so I already knew exactly what I wanted for the weekend. As luck would have it, the D90 was available that weekend and after getting the rental paperwork in order I was on the road with my “dream truck”.


Having owned a couple of Land Rover’s I’ve always been a fan of the Defender 90. I’ve driven a few and they have always been on my “to buy” list. Unfortunately they have become unrealistic economically, especially over the last couple of years. A decent Defender 90 will set you back $100k in today’s market depending on condition, options and mileage.

The MHCC D90 is even more special. It’s a hardtop with flip down rear seats which fits 6 people comfortably. This example only has 37,000 miles on it which makes it one of the cleanest, original condition D90’s I’ve seen.

Every first Saturday of the month, I wake up at 5am, get ready and head to the Automotorplex in Chanhassen to get the show set up and going by 6am.  This time though, I had the D90 with me, packed and ready for the 4.5 hour drive up to Ely MN. Driving the D90 up to Ely was surprisingly care free. It went down the road great, the knobby tires were not loud at all. The only thing I would say is, pay attention to the gas mileage/gauge/available gas stations as I had to fill up twice on the way up there. The truck handled the several miles worth of trails up to the cabin wonderfully. It’s amazing that a 20 year old car is still so solid.3Blog_Ready

We stayed at a cabin on Moose Lake, which is approximately 5 miles away from the Canadian Border and 2 miles from the Boundary waters. We had a couple of boats to go fishing in, which is what we spent most of our 3 days up there doing.9Blog_Ready

The D90 was a fantastic choice for this weekend trip. I’m now on the hunt for my second Series 2 Discovery. I definitely need another Rover after spending some time with this one. I don’t want to be “that guy” that says:  “they don’t make them like they used to”, but they don’t. There is something to be said about the real Land Rover trucks that were built prior to the mid 2000’s. They provide a real, raw and utilitarian feel that can not be experienced driving anything else. Give MHCC a call and try this one out for a day!

About our guest blogger: Luis Fraguada is an avid Porsche enthusiast and enjoyer of many cars. He is the founder of MN C&C, one of the biggest free car shows in the country.