June brings us to the second running of the Craigslist Café Finds. This month I’ve hand picked five motorcycles that would be great Summer cruisers or even nice bikes to take on a long road trip. I also want everyone to know that there is a huge Bike Show and Swap Meet at the State Fair Grounds this weekend. It’s said to be the largest antique motorcycle show in Minnesota and I won’t be caught within 20 miles of there. I can’t. I shouldn’t. Oh boy do I want to go… Any who here is the list for June.

#1 2012 Triumph T100 (Scrambler)


You probably are aware if you frequent the blog that I am now a Triumph guy by default. I picked up a Scrambler and have been loving riding the bike around Minnesota as well as Wisconsin. They have an amazing sound and with the dual Scrambler style exhaust on this one I can imagine this bike sounds pretty good. They price seems very fair for the modifications and year of this bike. Someone spent a lot of money getting the bike to look this good. The mods all seem quite tastefully done and if you want to go with the #BoughtNotBuilt lifestyle this is the perfect bike for you.

#2 1973 Honda CB360


This is only $600 and says it runs great. That is already sounding like music to my café racer ears. If you don’t mind a short trip over to Wisconsin to take a look I think you couldn’t go wrong swooping up this little sweetheart. I like the retro blue seat and clubman bars, plus most of the bike is there and intact. It definitely would need some elbow grease to get it back into fighting shape, but hey if you got the time or want a summer project they don’t get much cheaper than this.


#3 1976 Honda CB550


Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I can see paying a premium when the bike is right and it can be worth it. This bike from the looks of it might actually be worth it. Not to mention the rust-covered old school truck with another bike in the back throughout the pictures. It looks like a full café build with no bolt left unturned or most of the original parts being replaced for shiny new ones. I love the color with the 4 into 1 exhaust and velocity stacks to suck down plenty of fresh air as long as you don’t plan to ever ride in the rain. Again if you don’t want to work on something and want a ready to go show bike, this is it.


#4 1981 Honda CX500 Deluxe


The motor on these bikes has to be some of my favorite design style and look that Honda has ever made. This says to be a minimalist build, but with 34k mileage this thing might be a little on the high side for me based on the price. I can’t help but like the overall style and theme to the bike and think that again if you don’t mind traveling a bit to take a peek, this one might be worth it. I’m a sucker for black wheels and a brown seat and this pulls it off quite nicely.


#5 1972 Honda CL350 Scrambler


This might be one of the best builds I’ve ever seen on Craigslist (and I’ve seen all of them) in the past few years. Joe’s Vintage Cycle in St. Paul was actually the place where my personal CB350F was built and tuned and I have nothing but respect for that shop. This bike appears to be in mint condition with the workings of a 72′ Scrambler frame and 68′ tank and graphics. I’m actually extremely jealous of the person who ends up getting this bike because it is absolutely what a dream build would look like for me. Scrambler – check, 68′ split tank – check, black wheels and high exhaust – check. Someone call the love doctor because I’ve got it bad…