30 03, 2017

#MorriesRoadTrip Goes Off-Road

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Currently, my newest, most reliable vehicle is an 18-year old Toyota 4Runner. Being my daily driver, it spends 95% of its time on pavement, stuck in traffic, or running boring errands. But it’s that other 5% that is responsible for me sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars into maintenance and modifications. While my 4Runner is plenty comfortable to gobble up mile after mile of highway, it’s really happy as soon as the pavement ends. Like a pig in mud, my 4Runner is happiest in… err… mud. And rocks. And climbing up and down hills. And going over logs and ruts. The less of a “road” it’s on, the better. Which is exactly why I spent a day putting my 4Runner through its paces on the Spider Lake Trails in the Foot Hills State Forest up near Pine River, MN a couple weeks back with some other Toyota enthusiasts. Plus, it was a good excuse to take a #MorriesRoadtrip! […]

22 03, 2017

Heritage Coordinator becomes Homeless

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Recently, I sold my condo of 10 years – and while the plan is to buy a house – I haven’t yet. If you’ve ever shopped for a house you know it isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t stress-free. So I decided to focus on the selling and not the buying since I have some time before I need to do that part. While laying in bed last night doing battle with insomnia, I thought of some more…creative living options for myself, and decided to share the rabbit hole I stumbled down. […]

20 09, 2016

A Showcase of Passion – Wheels of Italy 2016

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Every summer, I look forward to the Wheels of Italy show. It’s usually one of the last big car shows of the season and highlights all sorts of Italian cars, motorcycles, scooters, and bikes, as well as Italian culture in general. I think one the main things that draws me not only to the show, but Italian vehicles in general, is the passion that goes into them. While that passion is usually more obvious in older Italian cars than in newer, more mass-produced machines, it nonetheless serves as a foundation that binds all of these cars, new and old, together. […]

7 09, 2016

The Things Dreams are Made of: Matthew’s 1968 Dodge Charger

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Think of the best gift you’ve ever received? Is it something that you can think of right away? We know that Matthew would be able to tell you immediately what his best gift received was, and being part of a company that made that happen makes us feel very special. A 16 year old boy diagnosed with cancer from Northern Minnesota that had no idea what was going to happen. A few years back when we showed up at his door, and to this day, we still like to look back at a feel good story of a car guy in the making. We are going to break down the story part by part so you can see and feel the excitement that Matthew had while we brought his ’68 Charger back to life. Let’s start with a background story and go from there:   The Beginning: At Morrie’s we actively look for opportunities to give back, but there are few instances where we can combine our love of cars, combined skills, expertise and generous staff to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.  When such an opportunity knocks on our door, we have to jump on it, and that is exactly what we did when Make-A-Wish of Minnesota told us about Matthew, who wished to have his 1968 Dodge Charger restored. […]

10 08, 2016

Arthritis Foundation Mini Grand Prix: A First Timer’s Guide to Go-Kart Racing

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Sunday morning started out with a slightly too early alarm followed by a drive out to the middle of nowhere (I can only assume that sentence could be used to describe literally any race day). It wasn’t too bad though, and I was pretty excited at the prospect of finally being in a place where having a lead foot is a good thing. We checked in, signed our waivers, made it down the very steep hill to the pit area with no incidents (can’t say the same for another team who lost all the contents of their cooler in the trek), and set up our tents. So began a day full of waiting and anticipation, which on one hand was great due to the perfect weather, but on the other hand was horrible for my nerves. I’m one of those people who is super nervous about trying something new right up until I’m actually doing it. […]

2 08, 2016

The Best of the Wurst – 2016 Auto Lieben Motorsports Fest

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Hot on the heels of Eurowerks, Auto Lieben is a German-centric car show that chooses to focus on vehicles from Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. Nestled against the picturesque ski slopes of Afton Alps, the event gives you the feeling that you’re enjoying a warm afternoon in the German countryside. In only its second year, Auto Lieben managed to attract about 100 of Minnesota and Wisconsin’s finest German vehicles, ranging from meticulously built E30 M3s, to lovingly polished 280 SL Pagodas, to a bright orange, fire-breathing GT3 RS, and everything in between. […]

19 07, 2016

Eurowerks 2016 – Where “The Thing” Fits In

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Eurowerks is the premiere European car show in the midwest and we’re happy to be apart of it as the title sponsor for the second year running. This time around, we pulled out all the stops and in addition to bringing out our VW Thing and the Defender 90, we also had a MHCC trivia contest for adults, a coloring contest for the kids, and gave away a trophy for most photogenic car of the show. We had a great time meeting a bunch of fellow car enthusiasts and showing people what Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection is all about! […]

11 07, 2016

Eurowerks 2016 Is Right Around The Corner

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Eurowerks was started in 2003 to support the enthusiastic European car community. Now, 8 years later, they’re still around and better than ever. This year’s show is happening on Sunday, July 17th from 10AM-5PM. This show will have something for everyone, from simple and stock to modern and modified. We’ll even have a coloring contest for the young, soon to be car enthusiasts in your life! Print off the pages in advance and bring the finished product to our booth to enter your kids to win an awesome prize (don't worry, there's something for you too)! There are always fun events happening during the show as well, like the limbo contest last year that our Heritage Porsche Speedster won! Whatever will we win this year? There are events all day Saturday and Sunday, so there’s no reason for you to have a boring weekend. Saturday Lake Cruise starting at 10:30AM at the Minneapolis Marriott West. Pre Show Event starting at 6PM at the Minneapolis Marriott West. Sunday Eurowerks show from 10AM-5PM at Graco corporate complex.

11 07, 2016

Hertiage Taproom Tour: Round 4 (Summer Road Trip Edition)

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In the fourth edition of the Taproom Tour, our search for the perfect brewery takes us to Chicago, Grand Marais, Chippewa Falls and…Northeast Minneapolis. Gabe doesn’t get out much. That being said, making a pilgrimage to one of the breweries located outside of the Twin Cities would be a fantastic opportunity to participate in the Morrie’s Road Trip contest – just sayin’! Without further ado, LET’S GET IT ON: […]

7 06, 2016

Photo Recap: The 10,000 Lakes Concours d’Elegance

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Despite a busy Saturday full of fun car stuff including MN C&C, the Walleye 1000, and the Kannonball Fun Charity Rally, I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind than by meandering around Excelsior Commons looking at more cars. The 4th annual 10,000 Lakes Concours d’Elegance is hosted on the serene shores of Lake Minnetonka in the heart of Excelsior, MN and invites a hand-picked selection of rare vintage cars, motorcycles, and boats. […]

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