29 05, 2019

Maker Spotlight: Patience Metal Fab

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We recently had the chance to meet with Brian, the part owner of Patience Metal Fabrication. After honing his skills as an automotive technician and learning fabrication along the way, he left his technician life behind to focus on fabricating parts for race cars and other custom projects. The reason for our visit is to see Ben’s Porsche 914-6 racecar as it’s undergoing some reconstructive surgery. Brian was kind enough to show us around the shop and answer a few questions in the interview below. […]

18 02, 2019

Q&A Session with Aaron Telitz – Feb. 26th at 6:30pm

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Join us on the evening of Tuesday, February 26th for an open house with Dale Coyne/Vasser Sullivan Indy Reserve Driver and AIM Vasser Sullivan IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship endurance driver Aaron Telitz. During the program, Aaron will recount his experience racing at the 2019 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona where he and team clinched 2nd in the GTD class. He’ll also discuss how he’s planning for his upcoming drive at the 12 Hours of Sebring and how he’s made the transition from open wheel to endurance sports car racing. […]

22 01, 2019

What is Morrie’s Heritage?

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Oftentimes, we’ll get calls asking for a standard rental car. When we tell them we specialize in classic and exotic cars, 9/10 times they burst out laughing. I never understood that until I looked from the outside in. When most people think of a rental car, it’s along the lines of “I’m in a strange city and need transportation to and from something I most likely don’t want to do.” I totally understand that, but it’s such a different experience when you come to Morrie’s Heritage and pick up something like a 1987 Porsche 911 to hunt down the best roads you can find. Maybe it’s your wedding day and you pick up our 1966 Mustang to drive away from the wedding chapel. The possibilities we hear are endless, and we want to break down what we do and why we do it. […]

21 12, 2018

Maker Spotlight: Glen Cordle from Autoillustrated

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For some people, building their dream car can take many months or even years to complete, sometimes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. For local car enthusiast, Glen Cordle, he can build his dream car in a few short evenings after work, from the comfort of his living room. Glen is a master industrial designer and CGI artist who has turned his love for cars – Porsches in particular – into an art form that he shares on Instagram. Sometimes he’ll model his creations off of his friends’ cars or modify existing designs into what he considers to be their perfect forms but his eye for detail, colors, and smooth lines has opened up a whole new door of creative opportunities. We recently asked Glen a few questions to find out how he got started and how he got to where he is today. […]

19 11, 2018

Vehicles We’re Thankful For at MHCC – 2018

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This year we’re compiling a list of vehicles that we’re thankful for and couldn’t help but share them all with you. We didn’t want to make it specific to our cars because there’s just so much cool stuff out there, so we’re going off the deep end. Check out all the stuff our marketing team is thankful for, and drop us a comment and let us know what you’re thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Morrie’s Heritage! […]

15 08, 2018

What Are They Working On at MHCC?

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Currently, we’ve got a lot of stuff in the works. We always say that most people don’t own one classic car because it’s a little bit too much work. Well, we have 34 and it’s definitely a lot of work, so we wanted to give you an insiders look! We wanted to break down what we’re working on, what’s going up for sale soon and already for sale, and what you think we should do next! […]

30 01, 2018

Our Top Five Favorite Super Bowl Car Commercials

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Who doesn’t want to watch the Super Bowl, if only for just the commercials alone. There’s no doubt that the game is always a spectacle, but really we just want to see the car commercials. So we chose our top five ads from all time for you before the big game this weekend. Grab some buffalo chicken dip and get ready for Super Bowl Sunday with our quick rundown of our top five auto ads of all time! […]

30 03, 2017

#MorriesRoadTrip Goes Off-Road

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Currently, my newest, most reliable vehicle is an 18-year old Toyota 4Runner. Being my daily driver, it spends 95% of its time on pavement, stuck in traffic, or running boring errands. But it’s that other 5% that is responsible for me sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars into maintenance and modifications. While my 4Runner is plenty comfortable to gobble up mile after mile of highway, it’s really happy as soon as the pavement ends. Like a pig in mud, my 4Runner is happiest in… err… mud. And rocks. And climbing up and down hills. And going over logs and ruts. The less of a “road” it’s on, the better. Which is exactly why I spent a day putting my 4Runner through its paces on the Spider Lake Trails in the Foot Hills State Forest up near Pine River, MN a couple weeks back with some other Toyota enthusiasts. Plus, it was a good excuse to take a #MorriesRoadtrip! […]

22 03, 2017

Heritage Coordinator becomes Homeless

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Recently, I sold my condo of 10 years – and while the plan is to buy a house – I haven’t yet. If you’ve ever shopped for a house you know it isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t stress-free. So I decided to focus on the selling and not the buying since I have some time before I need to do that part. While laying in bed last night doing battle with insomnia, I thought of some more…creative living options for myself, and decided to share the rabbit hole I stumbled down. […]

20 09, 2016

A Showcase of Passion – Wheels of Italy 2016

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Every summer, I look forward to the Wheels of Italy show. It’s usually one of the last big car shows of the season and highlights all sorts of Italian cars, motorcycles, scooters, and bikes, as well as Italian culture in general. I think one the main things that draws me not only to the show, but Italian vehicles in general, is the passion that goes into them. While that passion is usually more obvious in older Italian cars than in newer, more mass-produced machines, it nonetheless serves as a foundation that binds all of these cars, new and old, together. […]

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