Our BMW 2002tii has been kind of the forgotten child when it comes to the Heritage collection of cars. Have you ever had the project you know isn’t going to go your way so you just keep pushing it off? Well our 2002tii was mine. The tii is a mechanical fuel injected version off the BMW 2002, while it is a fairly basic system in theory, it works or doesn’t. We believe ours to be the latter. But first things first why have we been avoiding well, we weren’t the first. I have tried to have several shops track down its perplexing problems, and the number one response when you call them, “Tii? No thanks.” I guess sometimes you can’t actually pay people to fix cars. I would spend a couple days a month working little things after researching the google box. After multiple shops not being able to time the car correctly, I dug up a local resource for getting the distributor restored. This person happens to be the expert in 2002 distributors, we even featured him as a guest blog shop a few months back you may remember.  Our distributor was is rough shape, advancing the timing way before the factory setting, but that wasn’t anything Advance Distributors couldn’t handle.




Once we had the timing issue figured out, the next issue was broken exhaust manifold studs on the rear most cylinders. I have had good luck extracting manifold studs before, so I removed the exhaust manifold and found they were broken off below the surface, which makes extraction a little tricky. With some assistance we attempted to drill the stud out but with the angle that BMW installs their motors, it is hard to get a good angle on it. Well the head had to come off and back to purgatory it went. All this while one of our members kept asking “Where’s the 2002?” and I always responded with, “winter project, winter project.”

Well, despite the recent weather it’s still winter in Minnesota and I started to dig in. I started by ordering all the parts I knew I would need without tearing anything apart. I was able to find literally one of the last water pumps in the U.S. I started to dig in and realized I would have all the time in the world to tear the car apart, but putting it back together going into the season wasn’t happening. So I made a call to Further Performance to see if they were interested in helping with the tear down. Also if they wanted to take over the rebuild and finishing of the all but forgotten 2002. I was in luck. They were, in fact they sent Matt from the shop out to the Dojo so we could dig in.


IMG_3618Matt and I dug into the 2002 which is a fairly low miles example being that it’s from 1974. Only about ninety seven thousand miles of who knows what before we had it. The car’s previous owner had done some odd things to compensate for the weak factory oil pump, which I had replaced a couple of year ago with a updated part from an E30 M3. While we got deeper in the project I had the sneaking suspicion that the head wouldn’t be the only thing to come out of this car before it’s drivable again. As we started to pull the head bolts out of the block, I was right. It shouldn’t take two people to remove one head bolt that could be turned by hand, but we had to use a socket and a wrench to coax it out of the blot. When it came out looking like a oil sludgey candy cane, I looked to Matt and said “When do you want to pick the car up and tear the motor out of it?” He said “Next Tuesday?”


As I write this it is the aforementioned Tuesday, and the car should be back in the dojo by Thursday less an engine. That is promising for our little green headed step child making its way to streets this summer. The rebuild shouldn’t take too long once it hits the machine shop. Further Performance and I will divide and conquer the repairs. They take the engine, and I will take the chassis. So what’s plan you ask? Fix it and have it ready to rent before the season kicks off! Maybe a little more than that actually…


A full engine rebuild and while we are in there, we will replace the numerous amount of other corroded bits and rotted hoses. So far this seems to be where we will get nickeled and dimed. I also plan to upgrade a couple items under the hood. The exhaust manifolds are known to warp and ours is no different, so we will plan to add a coated header and stainless down pipe to the exhaust. That will be finished off by Matt at Further Performance who is an exhaust wizard. I have ordered a full suspension refresh with mild lowering springs to make the car handle a little better without hurting the ride quality. It shouldn’t suffer with the already existing Bilstein shocks handling the higher spring rate. We will take the front bumper “aka the diving board” off the front and then have some secret plans thereafter. I will share them once we have them finalized. I will finish and replace the stereo and speakers in the car with a more modern system that adds a somewhat classic style. I will also be shipping the Kugelfischer pump and injectors off to a specialist to have it check out and refurbished, the world famous Gus Pfister at Pacific Fuel Injection in San Francisco. To say the least, stay tuned…