10 07, 2017

Lap Around the Web – July 10th

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Like many never-ending project cars, it all starts with the best intentions. When Chris Gonyea bought this ’71 Alfa GTV on the cheap, his plan was to restore it. It didn’t have the correct engine, and the engine it did have needed a refresh. The car’s ratty paint was actually hiding two other bad repaints from earlier in its life. There was rust starting to form in a few areas, and many of the car’s components were showing their age. After driving the car as is for a few years, Chris started tearing into the car, starting with the engine and working his way through the list of issues as time and cash flow allowed. But instead of continuing to spend money making the car look nice and getting to that unfortunate point where the car is so nice that you begin to feel guilty driving it, Chris got the running gear sorted and started to enjoy the car as it was intended to be used from the start: by driving the heck out of it every chance he got. Stanceworks covered Chris’s build story and what he’s up to with the car now in detail over on their site and I highly suggest you check it out. […]

3 07, 2017

Lap Around the Web – July 3rd

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It’s Independence Day week and plenty of people are either just leaving or just getting back from America’s greatest past-time: a road trip. For some people though, the best road trips don’t even involve roads. For instance, Jim Bob from Stanceworks hit the trails in Utah in his Tacoma and some buddies for an 8-day adventure in the truest sense of the word, spending most of their time far away from pavement and civilization. From the beautiful waterfalls to derelict mining sites, this is the sort of trip that any self-described adventurer should make at least once in their lifetime. Head on over to Stanceworks to read the rest of the story and check out all the amazing photos. […]

3 07, 2017

What’s Going On – Week of 07/03/17

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Basilica Block Party – Friday, July 7th-Saturday, July 8th The Basilica Block Party began in 1995 as a fundraiser to help pay for the structural restoration of The Basilica of Saint Mary. Today, proceeds from the event benefit The Basilica Landmark, which preserves, restores and advances the historic Basilica of Saint Mary for all generations. See your favorite artists while also supporting The Basilica! […]

27 06, 2017

Best Firework Displays in the Twin Cities

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Most everyone loves fireworks (with the exception of most dogs who hide under the bed when they go boom), and that’s why we’re chomping at the bit for the 4th of July firework displays. Not only are these displays going to be on the fourth, but when it falls on a Tuesday like it does this year, it could be the weekend before and after! […]

26 06, 2017

What’s Going On – Week of 06/26/17

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July 4th BBQ at Valleyfair – Saturday, July 1st-Tuesday, July 4th “It’s all about red, white & BBQ! Join us for a special All-You-Can-Eat BBQ cookout from Noon to 8PM at Picnic Point. Menu features pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, Cajun Chicken Quarters, delicious sides and decorate-your-own 4th of July cookie station. Fireworks: July 3rd-4th.” […]

26 06, 2017

Lap Around The Web – June 26th

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The world is a crazy place, and sometimes the only way to make sense of it all is with an even crazy car. Something that bucks normal traditions and just immerses you in the driving experience. And maybe that’s just what I love about this ’72 Nissan Skyline turned racecar/canyon carver. It’s a traditional JDM approach to an iconic car that is built strictly for enjoyment on some of North America’s most beautiful roads. Speedhunters has an awesome article on this beautiful Skyline, which ditches the stock L20 straight-6 for a L28 that has been massaged into a 3.0-liter. I can only imagine how glorious it sounds. […]

21 06, 2017

MHCC BBQ Blog: The Heritage Half Slab

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Barbecue is arguably one of the best summer feel-good foods out there. Whether it’s a fat slab of ribs, a big chunk of chicken, some beautiful brisket, or some perfect pulled pork, if it’s got some barbecue sauce on it, it’s all good in the hood. So with that in mind, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite barbecue joints around the Twin Cities. So if you’re craving some of the most delectable meats in town, we’ve got you covered. […]

21 06, 2017

The 24 Hours of Le Mans: The Quick and Dirty Recap Roundup

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It was bound to be an intense 24 hours of racing at Le Mans this year. Between Toyota shattering the lap record in qualifying and Porsche showing up with their new 919 LMP1 cars and their new mid-engined 911 RSR LM GTE cars, it was shaping up to be a great race. Ford sent a bevy of their GT race cars that dominated last year, while Corvette Racing showed up with a few C7.R’s, including a car being campaigned by the Taylor brothers, Ricky and Jordan, two of IMSA’s most dominant drivers this year, proving that the GT class would remain entertaining as well. […]

19 06, 2017

Lap Around the Web – June 19th

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I’m going to start right off with something that is basically breaking the internet and blowing my mind. Since I’m basically head-over-heels in love with our ’66 Jag E-Type Roadster, I was immediately drawn to this Speedhunters article about this rat-rod E-Type that will be rocking a Mazda 20B rotary engine. It’s a total mashup of different Series I, II, and III parts but it’s still 100% rad with the slammed stance and widened rear fenders to cover the meaty BBS mesh wheels. This is clearly a labor of love, with a dash of lunacy, and I’m very much excited to see the finished product. […]

19 06, 2017

What’s Going On – Week of 06/19/17

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Love Your Melon Block Party – Friday, June 23rd “Join us on Friday, June 23 as we celebrate summer with our first-ever Love Your Melon Block Party! Everyone is welcome – bring your friends and family for a summer evening filled with food trucks, drinks, a live concert and activities for adults and children. We will offer buy one, get one exclusive and backstock Love Your Melon products from last season. Proceeds from the event will support our nonprofit partner, Be The Match, to help expand the bone marrow registry.” […]

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