16 07, 2019

To Denver and Back! A Mecum Auction Road Trip

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We decided that it was time to sell a few of our vehicles from our fleet. We sent the Thunderbird to Mecum in Phoenix over the winter where we, unfortunately, didn’t have the best luck. That didn’t stop us from trying again, and this time we wanted to double down with our ’65 Lincoln and ’66 Corvair. We had the cars shipped and thought maybe we’d just fly down. Then we realized that it would be way more fun to drive and packed up our 1987 Porsche 911 and planned a fun route to Denver. This is a story about our drive, so if you want to read about the auction results, you can click here! […]

15 07, 2019

What’s Going On? – Week of 07/15/19

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DCTC Driving Event – Sun., July 21st Impulse Performance’s Heat-of-Summer High Performance Driving Event! Don’t let the warm driving weather pass you by. This event will be split into morning and afternoon run groups. In the morning, there are 30 total spots @ $100 per driver. Drivers will be split into three run groups with instructors for each driver. In the afternoon, there are 20 total spots @ $100 per driver. These spots will be reserved for experienced drivers ONLY! It will be an open run group where we’ll let out 10-14 cars (as space allows) and drivers can come and go off the track as they’d like. […]

15 07, 2019

Lap Around the Web – July 15th, 2019

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Yet another Grand Prix and still the same old bland racing style that is now associated with Formula 1. This past weekend, the teams ascended upon Silverstone in the UK and Mercedes decided that they would keep dominating as they do. Bottas took pole position at the start of the race with Lewis starting off in 2nd. Hamilton eventually won the race but a rather interesting crash happened before the end. A strong match between Vettel and Verstappen ensued and Vettel ended up rear ending Verstappen. […]

9 07, 2019

What’s Going On? – 07/09/2019

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TeamStanceOut Car Show – Sun., July 14th TeamStanceOut Car Show at LA Fitness will be a $5 entry fee, tickets must be either purchased online or at the meet entry point, spectating is free, the meet gets you an automatic entry into the show and a chance to win a trophy!! We will have shirts decals for sale as well! Caffeine & Octane Minneapolis – Sat., July 13th Caffeine and Octane Minneapolis car show happens at the AutoMotorPlex Medina starting in April 2019 and will be a monthly, open to the public, event. We welcome all vintage, muscle, exotic, rare, sport and hypercar vehicles. […]

8 07, 2019

Lap Around the Web – July 8th, 2019

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Everyone likes fast cars and everyone likes hill climbs. So what does one get when those two things are combined? Pikes Peak! At least, that is what a simpleton would say. A more classy and sophisticated lad would give you the answer of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This past weekend, nearly every dream car imaginable was relentlessly thrashed up the hill at Goodwood leaving us with some amazing YouTube content. […]

2 07, 2019

Minneapolis Mile Car Show 2019 – All Things Car Culture

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As I rolled out of bed this past Sunday at 6:45AM, I was rather disappointed. The slight patter of rain against my window gave me a queasy feeling of anxiety as I knew the car show ahead of me was going to have a slim turnout. Rain always made for odd car shows. Why can one not drive their sports car with perfectly good tires in the rain? Was it the fear of crashing or the fear of being crashed into? Either way, this thought has always baffled me. […]

1 07, 2019

Lap Around the Web – July 1st, 2019

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Well, that was eventful. After a string of horrendously boring Formula 1 races, Austria finally decided to please all of us and deliver some true excitement. The best part; Lewis did not even podium, he ended in 5th, thus stopping his winning streak. Besides this amazing thought of Lewis not winning, the true battle came between Vertsappen and Leclerc in some of the last laps of the race. […]

25 06, 2019

Schweinehaus – A Curated Celebration of Porsches

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You’ll be forgiven for not having heard of Schweinehaus before. German for “Pig House”, Schweinehaus is the latest Porsche-centric event in the midwest. Taking place this past Sunday at Keg & Case Market in St Paul, the curated event brought together an eclectic group of Porsche’s cars and the brand’s enthusiasts. Highlights included some beautifully built customs including Christopher Runge’s newest creation – the RS010 – as well as Rod Emory’s latest build – a Porsche 908K-themed 1968 911 called the “911K”, in addition to the 5th Porsche 901 to leave the factory in 1964, paving the way for the 911 we know today. Take a gander at the photos below and enjoy. Maybe we’ll see you there next year! […]

25 06, 2019

Our Road America VIP Weekend at IndyCar

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In its 24th season, the IndyCar Series is quite the spectacle to see in person. We spent this past weekend with our VIP guests at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI taking in all the action. Plus, we weren’t just able to see it in person, but we got to meet drivers, get in the pits, and even explore an IndyCar with a full hands-on tour! Our brand new Morrie’s Tiny Honda served as our “hub” for the weekend. We had catered lunches, great trackside viewing from the top, and our racing sim inside. We had such an amazing time that we’re already planning for the next event! So check out all the fun by scrolling through our photo tour. […]

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