2 01, 2019

Lap Around the Web – Jan 2nd, 2019

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Every Ferrari 250 GT is special in some way. These hand-built Ferraris of the late 1950s and early 1960s were supplied to a number of coachbuilders around Italy, and this particular example stands out as the first one to be skinned by Pinin Farina for the princess of Belgium in 1957. As the story goes, Enzo Ferrari had a great relationship with the King of Belgium and his wife. When Pirelli pulled their tire sponsorship with Ferrari in 1955, Princess Lilian reached out to Belgian tire manufacturer Englebert and arranged for them to pick up the slack. As a “thank you” from Enzo, when Princess Lilian later ordered a 250 GT in 1957, Pinin Farina was brought in to design a particularly elegant V12-powered coupe for her. The end result is what you see here, now making its way to auction some 62 years later with an estimated price tag of $11-13M. […]

2 01, 2019

What’s Going On – Week of 01/01/19

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2019 Snocross National – Friday, Jan. 4th    2019 Snocross National – Join us for the excitement of championship Snocross Friday, Jan. 4 and Saturday, Jan. 5! Tickets are on sale now! Watch riders soar over jumps and speed around the track during Pirtek Snocross National, presented by Jimmy John’s. Some of the top extreme snowmobile riders from across the country will be here during AMSOIL Championship Snocross for two days of high-flying stunts and exhilarating racing. […]

27 12, 2018

What’s Going On – Week of 12/24/18

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Crankshaft's Last Stand - Friday, December 28th Based on our unofficial tally roughly 67% of our motor-minded friends seem to enjoy the music of Crankshaft, and given his last show is slated for tomorrow we thought 2/3 of you would like to know. If you like rock, roots and deep blues on a Friday night head on over to the Hook and Ladder Theater to check it out. Drone Racing Flight School at the Works Museum - Saturday, December 29th   Catch a live drone race every hour on the hour between the hours of 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm. After you catch a race try your hand at racing a drone yourself with a lesson from one of the pros onhand. Learn to drone in a nice, controlled environment to learn to drone, opposed to Ben to took a crash course (literally) when he tried to fly one in his office.   RS Motors "JUST Drive" Winter Autocross - Saturday, December 29th The only thing we like better than drifting on a freshly snow covered road is doing so in a controlled environment. You know, one where there aren't curbs hidden below the fresh snow. Bonus points when there's an autocross course built around the fresh snow. The RS Motors "JUST Drive" Winter Autocross provides this exact venue. Check it out.   ProKart Indoors Year-End Mini-Enduro - Monday, December 31st To celebrate an awesome 2018 ProKart Indoors in Maple Grove is hosting a year-end mini-enduro. What better way for [...]

24 12, 2018

Lap Around the Web – Dec. 24th, 2018

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In the spirit of the holiday season, it seemed only fitting to share these beautiful photos of the new Lamborghini Urus and its predecessor, the “Rambo Lambo” LM002, driving through frozen countryside and villages to collect a Christmas tree. With both heavyweight SUVs making crazy power, one courtesy of a twin-turbo V8 and the other from a V12 borrowed from a Countach, it’s hard to say with would be more fun to use as a tree transportation device. Both vehicles draw loads of attention everywhere they go, but for a trip around the Dolomites, I think I’d have to pick the LM002 as long as there were enough gas stations to keep me moving along. […]

21 12, 2018

Maker Spotlight: Glen Cordle from Autoillustrated

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For some people, building their dream car can take many months or even years to complete, sometimes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. For local car enthusiast, Glen Cordle, he can build his dream car in a few short evenings after work, from the comfort of his living room. Glen is a master industrial designer and CGI artist who has turned his love for cars – Porsches in particular – into an art form that he shares on Instagram. Sometimes he’ll model his creations off of his friends’ cars or modify existing designs into what he considers to be their perfect forms but his eye for detail, colors, and smooth lines has opened up a whole new door of creative opportunities. We recently asked Glen a few questions to find out how he got started and how he got to where he is today. […]

18 12, 2018

Lap Around the Web – Dec. 17th, 2018

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If you’ve followed the guys at Stanceworks at all, you’ll see they’re not just casual fans of cool cars and wild builds. They actually like to get their hands dirty and build their own unique cars. One of their builds that I’ve been particularly excited about is Mike Burrough’s 1931 Ford Model A pickup. Mike is known for very non-traditional builds, including his rat-rod BMW E28 5-Series racecar known as “Rusty Slammington” but this Model A might take the cake. Half 90-year-old truck and half race car, this thing is built to scoot with a supercharged Ford Coyote V8, trick coilover suspension, and lots of other motorsports goodies, including super lightweight centerlock wheels from an IMSA prototype mounted with Michelin’s race-spec rain tires. All said and done, this truck weighs about the same as a Miata but with well over 600 horsepower. Sounds like my kind of fun! To learn more about Mike’s killer Model A, head on over to Speedhunters. […]

18 12, 2018

How We’d Trick Out Santa’s Sleigh

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So Santa has a pretty cool sleigh already, but we thought of a few things that might make it a little better. Here at MHCC it seems like we always have a problem with leaving vehicles in stock form, so we thought we’d send a line to the South Pole about some mods. So check out what we thought would make Old St. Nicks sleigh a little better. […]

17 12, 2018

Oddities, Eccentricities, and Aberrations – December 2018 Edition

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At first glance, it’s pretty obvious that this is no ordinary 2007 Mustang. Although it’s the same general shape and size, you don’t usually see Mustangs with mesh grills where the trunk usually is or a huge, sharply-raked diffuser underneath. Those wheels and taillights look familiar too, but they’re not from any Ford vehicle. Instead, they’re borrowed from Lamborghini’s parts bin. That’s because, despite the American muscle car appearance on the outside, you’re looking at a Lamborghini Gallardo that has been given a Mustang makeover. For the first time ever, the Mustang’s side vents are actually serving a real purpose of feeding air into the engine and instead of the Mustang’s sea of chunky plastic inside, the interior was transferred over from the Gallardo, including the seats to the steering wheel to the dashboard. This Frankenstein of a car was the result of over $700k worth of parts and labor and made its debut at SEMA a few years ago. Now it’s getting ready to cross the auction block at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ next month! […]

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