21 05, 2019

Oddities, Eccentricities, and Aberrations – May 2019

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Although there isn’t a ton of information supplied about this orange toast….er, I mean Scion xB, there are some key facts in the eBay Motors listing to indicate it’s something special. First of all, it’s been converted to RWD. That’s a pretty big deal right there but look a little deeper and you’ll notice there’s a 383 CID V8 crammed under the boxy hood and a beefy solid rear axle out back. You might also notice the twin exhaust pipes that surely produce a mighty sound from the otherwise pedestrian looking box on wheels. Although I’d love to see a manual transmission instead of the OEM-looking automatic, it looks like this Scion xB was built more for surprising people between stoplights than hustling down twisty backroads so I’ll give the choice of transmission a pass here. To see more about this odd-ball Scion, check the listing on eBay Motors where bidding starts at $28,000. […]

20 05, 2019

Lap Around the Web – May 20th, 2019

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If you’re not familiar with Boyd Jaynes and Brian Godfrey, all you need to know is that they’re probably cooler than you are. What makes them so cool? Well, for starters, they race a 1968 Ford Bronco that has racked up 7 class wins in the NORRA Mexican 1000 race. After almost 10,000 offroad race miles on the same 351 Cleveland V8, Boyd and Brian just prepped the Bronco with a fresh 347 CID crate motor directly from Ford, which puts out a healthy and reliable 360 hp. Because you want reliable power when you’re driving through desolate and treacherous terrain. These NORRA races offer a serious course and serious competition but Boyd and Brian are not your typical stone-faced racers. Sure, they work hard to prep their Bronco for the race but they also grow out mustaches for the race weekend and their fire suits were custom-made to resemble mariachi band outfits. It’s great to see serious competitors that don’t take themselves too seriously. To learn more about Boyd and Brian and their rad ’68 Bronco, head over to Silodrome. […]

13 05, 2019

Lap Around the Web – May 13th, 2019

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It’s rare to see a Bentley driven on anything other than perfect pavement or occasionally across a perfectly manicured lawn. This Bentley is something special though. It trades its four wheels for a pair of tracks that lift it well off the ground while also giving it the ability to traverse any terrain imaginable with ease. The 550+ HP twin-turbo W12 engine under the hood has no problem transferring that power to the ground either. Leave it to the Russians to try something this oddball with a Bentley, but I’ve got to say, it’s pretty darn cool if you’ve got more money than sense. Make sure to turn on subtitles when you watch the video below, and click the link to see more info about this ridiculously over-the-top Bentley on Road & Track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=201&v=taLvoVXFDmM […]

13 05, 2019

What’s Going On – Week of 05/13/19

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Art-A-Whirl – Fri-Sun., May 17-19th Art-A-Whirl® is the largest open studio tour in the country, happening annually throughout Northeast Minneapolis the third weekend of May. View artwork of nearly 800 artists in every medium at more than 60 locations, including studio buildings, art galleries, homes, storefronts, and local businesses. The artists’ open studio tours may include demonstrations, mini-workshops, installations, and special exhibitions. Studio tours offer a great opportunity to ask questions, discuss techniques, experience art first-hand, and purchase unique artwork directly from the artists who make our community so vibrant! […]

13 05, 2019

Sometimes You Just Need A Truck – Mini Horse To The Rescue

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I used to own a basic Ford Ranger. Prior to my ownership, someone probably used as a work truck. It had no frills and I didn’t drive it often, but I hung onto it for almost 10 years because it was a workhorse. Every once in a while, I found myself needing a truck to carry things I couldn’t – or didn’t want to – fit in the back of whatever car I had at the time. Over time, I found myself using my old Ranger less and less. Eventually, I donated it to charity and it found a new life with someone else. Instead, I bought an SUV that would be better suited to off-road adventures but could still fill in for the occasional trip to the home improvement store. […]

7 05, 2019

Getting back up to speed at Road America

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They say practice makes perfect, but when you’re out of practice having spent an entire winter out of the car, it takes a bit longer to get up to speed. That’s how I felt going into the World Racing League CanAm Endurance Cup this past weekend at Road America. For those unfamiliar with World Racing League, it’s an amateur endurance racing series that pits man and machine against some of the greatest race tracks in the US. Our weekend comprised of 16 hours of racing covering 1,279 miles, split between two eight-hour races. Needless to say it provided ample seat time to knock the rust off from our driver quartet. Some say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. I beg to differ. There's no happier feeling than rolling through the Road America tunnel. Our team, the E30 Bombers, has been around for the better part of a decade. While our car has evolved quite a bit in that time, much like the others in the series, our driver lineup has remained relatively consistent. Combined we’ve logged hundreds of hours in the car, which I’d liken to your favorite living room recliner. Sure, it’s been around for many years and shows some cosmetic wear, but it still functions beautifully and keeps you comfy for hours on end. The ease, comfort and reliability of our little BMW-that-could is such that racing it for 2 or 3 hours on end is a relative breeze. That is as long as the [...]

6 05, 2019

Lap Around the Web – May 6th, 2019

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I’m not sure what it is specifically about the AMC Spirit AMX that makes my pulse quicken just a little bit, but I’m going to try to find the words to explain it here. Maybe it’s because it was a sporty, RWD hatchback with a V8 up front. Maybe it’s because of the wild graphics and window louvers. Perhaps it’s those massively flared wheel arches and the distinctly utilitarian ground clearance that make it look like someone built a muscle car to go rally racing (which, ironically is exactly what AMC did with this and later the Eagle SX/4). Either way, it was weird by 1980’s standards and in 2019 car culture, weird 1980s cars are massively cool. And despite being weird and cool and unapologetically fun, the example you see here, arguably one of the nicest you’ll find for sale is still cheap, with RM Sotheby’s estimating it’ll sell for between $6,000-10,000. To learn more about the car, head over to Silodrome or take a peek at the auction listing here. […]

6 05, 2019

What’s Going On – Week of 05/06/19

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InterMarque Vintage Foreign Car Show – Sat., May 11th “The InterMarque Spring Kick-Off is billed as the first event of the “Motoring” season where car owners can bring their vehicles out for a spring car show. It is held in early May in beautiful Downtown Osseo, MN which is 20 minutes north of Minneapolis. Parking on the main drag is limited to vehicles that qualify for classic status under Minnesota Law, which is any vehicle that is twenty years old or older. Local Vintage Foreign Clubs are able to reserve parking spaces for their club for a minimal fee and are allowed to decide how best to use that space to represent the club.” […]

30 04, 2019

Lap Around the Web – Apr. 29th, 2019

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Porsche made a name for itself in the 1950s racing small, lightweight, and nimble sports cars. By the early 1960s, the 356s and 550 Spyders weren’t quite cutting it anymore so the German brand turned to the Italy-based coachbuilder Carlos Abarth to optimize the shape of their 356 for aerodynamics while also cutting weight wherever possible. The end result was the Porsche 356 Carrera GTL Abarth. It was 5 inches lower, while also shorter and narrower than the 356 it was based on. This had a tremendous effect on lowering the car’s aerodynamic drag and the lightweight aluminum bodywork shaved off 45 kg in the process. It’s a shame only 20 of these lightweight racers were built because they dominated the race track at the time, racking up multiple class wins in prestigious events like the Targa Florio and the 24 Hrs of Le Man in the early 1960s. It paved the way for Porsche’s lightweight, aerodynamic-focused designs that led the way for a long lineage of successful race cars including the 904, 917, 956, and 962. To read more about the Porsche 356 Carrera GTL Abarth, visit Classic Driver. […]

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