19 11, 2018

Lap Around the Web – Nov. 19th, 2018

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One of my favorite lines from any movie is when Doc Brown at the end of “Back to the Future” says “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” before his DeLorean lifts off the ground, tucks its wheels, and takes off into the sky. The thought of flying cars always seemed like a fantasy and it technically still is, but this hovercraft DeLorean is about as close as you can get. Although it didn’t start its life as a hovercraft and it can’t be driven on the road, it’s a pretty faithful replica that can drive over just about anything else from sand to sea. Best yet, it’s for sale on eBay Motors right now if you want your very own hovering DeLorean! […]

19 11, 2018

Vehicles We’re Thankful For at MHCC – 2018

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This year we’re compiling a list of vehicles that we’re thankful for and couldn’t help but share them all with you. We didn’t want to make it specific to our cars because there’s just so much cool stuff out there, so we’re going off the deep end. Check out all the stuff our marketing team is thankful for, and drop us a comment and let us know what you’re thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Morrie’s Heritage! […]

19 11, 2018

What’s Going On – Week of 11/19/18

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Taco Tuesday - 11/20 Don't want to cook before you spend all Thursday slaving in the kitchen prepping for the full-belly feast? Get out of the house and head to Saint Paul, BlackStack Brewing is collaborating with Los Ocampo to host Taco Tuesday. Get 3 tacos and a beer for just $10 - taco 'bout a deal! These aren't just your average tacos either, Los Ocampo is a family owned restaurant, promising you authentic Mexican tacos just the way you like them - mix and match al pastor, steak, chicken, veggie and more! Indoor Farmers Market - 11/21 The Saint Paul Farmers Market is moving indoors for the winter (can I get an Amen?). Stop by Union Depot this Wednesday from 1oam-1:30pm for fresh produce to cook with for your Thanksgiving dinner! The event will be held in the historic Head House, right down the street from Union Depot Bar & Grill. There will also be baked goods, jams and jellies, honey, eggs, chocolates, homemade sauces, and much more. Come grab a snack and support our local farmers! Light Up the Lake Celebration - 11/23 Join the city of Wayzata in kicking off the holiday season on Friday. The Light Up the Lake Celebration starts at 4pm with reindeer to pet, Letters to Santa, free hot cocoa and treats, and a Cash Bar. At 4:45pm there will be Candy Cane Hunt for the kids as well! There will be live music throughout the evening at both the Depot and the Marquee as well as [...]

13 11, 2018

Trains, Planes, Automobiles? – Train the Band

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This past Summer we had a customer rent a vehicle for a photo shoot involving a band. That band happened to be Train who is still touring, and they appear to be pretty big automotive and transportation fans. So let me elaborate on this and we’ll take a look at some of Trains best album and tour cover photos! […]

12 11, 2018

Lap Around the Web – Nov. 12th, 2018

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The early 1970’s were a great era for the early days of the SUV. Before people were worried about fuel economy or safety standards, there was a trio of big, burly 2-door SUVs that ruled the world: the Ford Bronco, the Chevy Blazer, and the International Scout II. While 2-door SUVs were quite popular from the 1970’s until the 1990’s, consumer’s desires more space and utility, relegating these fun, stylish trucks to the shadows. Now though, there is a resurgence of people who want 30-year-old oddball trucks and suddenly the hot rodders and customizers like Icon and The Ring Brothers are picking up old Blazers and rebuilding them to be far superior to their original forms. This 1971 example, built by the highly skilled Ring Brothers in neighboring Wisconsin, features a Chevy LS3 V8 crate engine with 430-hp on tap and absolutely gorgeous finishing throughout, making it half sculpture, half adventure vehicle. To learn more, head over to Silodrome. […]

6 11, 2018

Lap Around the Web – Nov. 5th, 2018

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I’m not sure if this qualifies as part of the rebirth of the “Van Life” movement but there’s something about seeing a bunch of big 20+ year old full-size vans sliding and dive bombing each other around a race track that gets my juices flowing. There’s something about these “Dajiban” that screams cool. Who’d of thunk a big metal box with expensive shocks, sticky tires, and half-assed aero (because who are you kidding by putting a wing on your van?) would be so much fun to look at? Diving deeper, this has become a bit of cultural phenomenon in Japan as used short wheelbase, rear-wheel drive vans from the 1970s through the early 1990s have been repurposed as track toys in the most ridiculous way. Inside, the plush rows of seating have been stripped out, only to be replaced by spindly racing seats and all the typical controls you’d expect in a race car. To read more about the art of racing in a van, check out Sam Smith’s wonderful article on Road & Track. […]

6 11, 2018

SEMA 2018 – An Overview of All Things Good

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If you’re familiar with the aftermarket world of the automotive industry, you know that SEMA is basically the Mecca for anything and everything automotive. From a basic wheel and tire swap to a full frame off 10-year restoration project, you can find just about anything you ever needed to see (or didn’t need) at the SEMA show. So SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association which is fancy speak for, “just cool stuff everywhere” and this was our third year heading to the show to explore. So roll along here with us as we take you on the tour of the show! […]

5 11, 2018

Road Trip Role Reversal with a 1980’s Porsche 911

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Imagine yourself crammed into the backseat of a 1980’s era Porsche 911 exploring the Midwest on family road trips for hours on end. Sounds comfy, right? Well, that’s how I spent many a summer when I was growing up. Mom and Dad would enjoy the relatively expansive front seats while my awkward teenage body was crammed like a sardine in the back seat. For hundreds and hundreds of miles. First world problem, right? Truth be told a Porsche 911 wasn’t the best road trip vehicle for a backseat passenger approaching his late-teens, but the reality is those road trips were a lot of fun. And thank god I was an only child because the way my mom packed there wasn’t room for anyone else but my pudgy self and her abundance of extra baggage in the back seat. Strangely, while I’ve had a lot of (back) seat time in Porsche 911s, I’ve never really spent any significant time behind the wheel. That is until we acquired the MHCC Porsche 911. The car is one of our most popular rentals and whenever it’s not booked I look for any excuse I can find to drive it. The perfect opportunity arose two weekends ago. […]

5 11, 2018

What’s Going On – Week of 11/5/18

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Cheese Curd Cook Off – Saturday, November 10th “If you’re a true Wisconsinite… You’ll be here!!! Come on and join us for the inaugural Cheese Curd Cook Off! Local restaurants, Chefs, and food trucks will compete to show why they should be named BEST CURD CHEF!! Guests can buy limited tickets to help judge who makes the best cheese curds right here in the Chippewa Valley!! Each ticket purchased will get you samples of cheese curds with your chance to win a GRAND prize for voting!” […]

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