22 05, 2018

Track Day Is The Best Day

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Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and a warm breeze blows gently across your face. It’s a beautiful spring day in a beautiful resort town in Minnesota and we couldn’t be happier. But we’re not on a lake or standing around a grill, cooking hot dogs. No, we’re at the race track! Brainerd International Raceway, to be precise, for another one of our fabulous track days! It was a great time with plenty of cool street and race cars taking to the track to be put through their paces. We even had a few vintage German race cars as well as some brand new Mazda6’s being driven around the track by professional race car driver, Aaron Telitz. If this looks like your kind of fun and you’d like to join us next time, we’ll be opening up registration for our September 29th track day soon! […]

22 05, 2018

What’s Going On – Week of 5/21/18

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The People’s Museum for Prince – Now-Thursday, May 24th “Following Prince’s death, the Twin Cities experienced a flood of personal tributes from public figures and ordinary people alike. The People’s Museum for Prince takes that outpouring of grief and connection, and makes it into something concrete: a pop-up exhibition of submitted art that creates a visual and emotional representation of Prince’s life. The free exhibition, curated by Emma Balázs, runs from May 18-24; don’t miss the Purple Preview on May 17 at 7 p.m.” […]

21 05, 2018

BierGruppe #001: Prost! Two Events June 8th & 9th

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We're heading to Bauhaus Brew Labs on June 8th from 6:00pm - 10:00pm for a Porsche gathering. Maybe you want more, or are busy on Friday night? Meet Saturday morning at Penny's Linden Hills for another great Porsche event! On June 9th from 11:00am - 2:00pm Biergruppemn will be at Penny's for another wonderful Porsche event. Check below for all the information and locations. EVENT #1 Address: Bauhaus Brew Labs: 1315 Tyler St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 It’s a Porsche® B-Day Bash at Bauhaus Brew Labs “BierGruppe” (German, short for “beer group gathering”), is a gathering which celebrates the enthusiasm for cars and craft beer. Come together in celebration of Porsche’s 70th anniversary. This event is for enthusiasts who want to drive their Porsches out on a beautiful summer night to celebrate and share all things Porsche.....and for everyone else to view and enjoy. This birthday bash, Friday June 8th, 2018 revs up at 5:50 pm and winds out to 9:59 pm, is open to all Porsche models and public entry is free for both adults and children. Bring a Porsche and get a pint! Several food trucks will be on hand serving up great eats. There will be plenty of terrific non-alcoholic items to enjoy. And cake, lot’s and lot’s of birthday cake! Plus, our inaugural sponsors; Morrie's Heritage Car Connection, OverCrest, Auto-Illustrated, 311RS, Carsmotology, and WeatherTech will also be giving away some terrific items throughout the night. Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1535007159941595/   EVENT #2 Motor Place: On Saturday, June 9th, the streets of Linden Hills, Minneapolis [...]

21 05, 2018

Lap Around the Web – May 21st, 2018

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Not everyone has heard of “The Mitty” and maybe that’s what makes it so special. It’s not as big or illustrious as Monterey Historics, but given its history dating back to the 1970s as a rebellion to Richard Nixon’s fixation on 50 MPH speed limits during the oil crisis, the Mitty has a special charm all of its own. Taking place at Road Atlanta each spring, The Mitty plays host to roughly 350 vintage race cars that spend the weekend racing wheel to wheel across various classes. As you’d expect from a grassroots vintage race such as this, the atmosphere throughout the spectator areas, as well as the paddock, is pretty laid back, with fans of all kinds enjoying the nice weather. For more photos from the event, head on over to Petrolicious. […]

17 05, 2018

MHCC Spring Fun Run 2018

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You couldn’t have asked for better cruising weather than what we had last night for our annual Spring Fun Run. We left the MHCC warehouse with 9 cars and toured the back roads out west of Lake Minnetonka before arriving at Lord Fletcher’s for a group dinner. With the temperature in the high-70’s, it was beautiful top-down weather and everyone arrived at Fletcher’s in high spirits. We hope you can join us on the next one! […]

15 05, 2018

If a tree falls on track does anyone hear it?

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Life moves pretty slowly after returning to normal life following a race weekend. That’s a known fact when you’re involved in some manner of motorsports. I was reminded of that last week. Two weekends ago I kicked off the racing season by heading to Road America for the World Racing League CanAm Endurance Cup. The racing activity comprised of an eight-hour race on Saturday and another eight-hour race on Sunday. That’s 16 hours of wheel to wheel racing on what I consider the best race track in America. In other words, it was heaven. A racer’s dream. To top it off the weather was absolutely perfect and the car ran great. That said, the weekend wasn’t without a few hiccups. We kicked off the weekend running through tech For the race my team of amateur endurance racing veterans brought out our trusty orange steed, a 1989 BMW 325i. It’s hard to believe, but the event marked our 9th year running the car we’ve affectionately named the E30 bomber. The bomber has evolved dramatically since its inaugural event at Brainerd many years ago and has morphed into a super reliable and reasonably quick little race car. This event again proved that meticulous maintenance during the off-season makes the racing a lot more fun (because the car runs as expected) during the racing season. Sometimes, however, human error can screw it all up temporarily. Our Motley Crew of petrolheads. From right we have our crew chief Josh, Ben, Erik, [...]

14 05, 2018

Lap Around the Web – May 14th, 2018

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I'll admit that I'm still very much a motorcycle noob, but ever since seeing a few of Adam's bikes over the past few summers, I've gained a huge appreciation for them, especially Cafe Racers. What makes this particular bike really cool is that it was commissioned by Norton Motorcycles and unlike a lot of the cheap, parts-bin specials out there, it uses only the finest materials. Everything on this Norton Dominator built by Goblin Works Garage is real stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or leather, and the effect is amazing. This Goblin Works Garage Norton Dominator is every bit as intricate as it is sinister; as classic as it is alien. Every surface begs you to take a closer look. To learn more about everything Goblin Works Garage did to this awesome Cafe Racer, head on over to Silodrome. Now that Spring has sprung, it's time to get those cars out and set those ponies free. And that's just what Internet Troll Sensation Cleetus McFarland does with his stripped-down, 1300-hp C5 Corvette Kart. It turns out that if you buy a wrecked Corvette and triple the horsepower, the rear tires aren't always ready to handle the extra power, in this case with spectacular results. Cleetus goes on to prove that the Chevy LS really is "America's Engine" and when you cram it full of air courtesy of some twin turbskis, you'll be able to hear those eagles sing. In addition to being a monster of a car in the burnout [...]

14 05, 2018

What’s Going On – Week of 5/14/18

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Morrie’s Private Track Day – Friday, May 18th With the weather finally warming up, it’s time for another round of Morrie’s private track day at BIR! Not only will you be able to drive your car on track the way it wants to be driven, we’ll also have Indy race car drive Aaron Telitz driving hot laps! This is not the track day you want to miss out on, so sign up today before the spots are filled! […]

8 05, 2018

Lap Around the Web – May 7th, 2018

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It’s a shame that Volkswagen hasn’t built a car this ridiculous to tackle the infamous Pikes Peak Hill Climb since 1987, but I don’t think anyone sees the gargantuan German automaker attempting to build a 650+ hp, twin-engined Golf ever again. From the sound of things, a Golf with a turbocharged 4-cylinder mounted at each end of the car was as sketchy to drive as it was fast. You’d think with perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the car would be really well balanced, but sometimes the computers keeping the engines in sync would get confused, sending different throttle inputs to each end of the car, making the short wheelbase Golf quite the handful to drive. To learn more about the craziest Golf Volkswagen has ever built, click the link and head over to Road & Track. […]

8 05, 2018

What’s Going On – Week of 5/7/18

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Morrie’s Heritage Open House & LLS Fundraiser – Thursday, May 10th Join us at Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection on Thursday, May 10th from 6-8PM for an open house and fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS)! Our very own Joe Seppa is participating in the LLS Man of the Year campaign, and we’re helping him raise money for the cause. Heritage vehicles will be available for charity joyrides: a $25 donation to drive the Beetle, $50 for the Camaro, and $100 for the Ferrari! We’ll also have a food truck and silent auction items. Stop by to check out our warehouse full of classic cars, go for a joyride in a Ferrari, enjoy delicious food, and help us support a great cause! […]

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