Who doesn’t love moving? All the boxes being packed, everyone stressed about having too much stuff, trying to lift with the legs and not the back…It’s a mess. That is why I wanted to lend a hand to a friend who’s family was moving out of their house after being there for 30 some years. Also he has a classic motorcycle, so by default I’m in the hopper for helping, and also having access to a sweat heart of a truck doesn’t hurt anything. I love the mini truck. I call it “Mini Horse” because when you haul two people through the mountains in the middle of December, you can form a special bond with a vehicle and at that point it deserves nickname. Well this wasn’t a journey across the country, but it was a good excuse to stretch the Mini Horses legs and help out a friend in need.


The bike is a 1981 Honda CB750 that has been converted into a “Brat” style motorcycle. If you’re unfamiliar with Cafe Racers or Brat built motorcycles it’s really just like hot rodding of old cars, but for bikes (look here to see what Brat means). The idea is that you take off weight, get the bars and seats nice and low, and “do the ton” from cafe to cafe as fast as you can. I love every part of the culture and the history that goes along with it, and I think that’s what makes it so special. Plus, I got a buddy hooked on bikes and it’s always better to have someone there when your bike breaks down let’s you have more time on the road. So his brat bike is currently on the, “more time on the road” phase of it’s life, and needs a bit of love. We decided to haul the bike from his parents to his fiancés parents house which was a whopping 4.7 miles away because before it’s road worthy, it’s needing a new charging unit.


Needless to say this is about the beginning and the end of this story, but it gives me a good reason to enjoy the end of Summer in an awesome truck, helping a mean looking bike get across town. Really it was a couple miles sharing laughs and stories about the old house and the good times we’ve had since we met on the first day of kindergarten. Crazy right? The stories are always a plenty and I can’t wait for the next adventure that the Mini-Horse brings my way. Until then, enjoy the pictures of the proven mini truck once again hauling an old bike with the hopes of bringing it back to life one day.


Also I can’t help but love the 1977 Mazda REPU hanging out in the garage with the 1970 Porsche 914. Because a 911 is overrated.

él fin.