Belgium vs France – World Cup & Auto Industry Semi-Finalists

Belgium and France face off at 1pm today, July 10th in the FIFA World Cup semi-final match. Read on to hear what makes these two countries impressive players in the auto industry as well!


In 1677 a Belgian, Father Ferdinand Verbiest is credited to be the first ever to describe a steam-powered vehicle, the world’s first automobile. In 1900, a Belgian, Camille Jenatzy became the first to Belgium grew to be quite the force in the automotive industry; before WWI, the country was home to over 200 car manufacturers. GM and Ford both had factors in this, what used to be known as, “Factory 1 site”. Although they fell from their peak, the auto industry continues to play a role in the city’s economy. At the end of the 20th century, Belgium grew to be one of the largest auto makers with an annual output of 1.2 million outputs from foreign assembly plants. Belgium’s impressive history and continuing importance in the industry is monumented at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels. 

La Jamais Contente

Gillet Vertigo Streiff


Peugeot, the famous French car manufacturer, was founded in 1810 as a coffee mill. Coffee grinders, salt and pepper grinders, saws and umbrella frames were produced by the 4th leading automotive brand in sales in the EU. Another fact about Peugeot is that their first car only had three wheels. Only 4 cars of this type were ever made. Their first four-wheel car, which ran on petrol, came out in 1890 and was the beginning of this incredibly familiar French car manufacturer. Lastly, did you know that Peugeot actually stepped back from car manufacturing to produce military vehicles during WWI? The company produced arms, motorcycles and even tanks!

Peugeot RCZ Sport Car

Which car-country is most interesting to you? Which World Cup team are you rooting for? Comment below!

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