You Auto Know – December Roundup

Winter in the Midwest comes with lots of confusing terms for drivers. ABS, AWD, 4WD, snow/winter tires, all season tires…but what do they all mean, and why does any of this matter to you? In this month’s You Auto Know, we’re rounding up all the best winter driving information for you!

All wheel drive and 4 wheel drive may seem like the same thing, but we’re here help you understand the difference!

Just like you choose the right pair of shoes for the occasion, you have to choose the right tires for the season for your vehicle! This means deciding between snow/winter tires and all season tires. Does “all season” mean the best choice for every month? Why do snow tires do a better job gripping the road in winter? Find these answers and more in our snow tires blog.

Once you have the right tires on your vehicle, you need to know how to use them! This helpful article will show you how ABS can actually hurt your stopping distance

Keeping a safety kit in your car can help in case of an emergency. Here are the items we recommend including in your kit.

Now that you’ve learned the difference between AWD and 4WD, why snow tires are your best bet for winter, and how to stop with ABS, find out what else you can do to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season

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