Chevy Silverado Performance Exhaust Upgrade

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Performace mods to trucks usually fall under the unnecessary and/or obnoxious category because, to be honest, they usually are. With suspension lifts, oversized tires, and utterly ridiculous light bars on the rise in popularity there truly are some unnecessary trucks on the road these days. While I generally agree with these sentiments, I still grin like a little school girl when I see one on the road. I'm not proud of it but apparently, I have some back-woods country blood running through my east-coast veins. Go figure. I've had my 2015 Chevy Silverado for about 2 years and in that time I've made a few minor aesthetic upgrades. Those include a 2.5in suspension level, blacked-out grille, and the addition of a bullbar with integrated LED light bar (yes, I'm a hypocrite).  Here's a shot from a few weeks ago in all its salty glory: Since then I've done "fun things" like put a new set of Nitto tires on but that's about it. Until now. After squirreling away any spare change I could find over the last year, I finally ordered a new exhaust from Borla Performance Exhaust Systems. I went the Borla ATAK model - like they say: go big or go home. Or in this case: go loud. Everything came perfectly packaged and (to my husband's excitement) even included a hat. Most blogs like this go into a step-by-step install at this point but there simply wasn't enough to talk about to justify that. I simply disconnected the stock exhaust, spent a little [...]