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17 09, 2018

Weekly Feature – Ford Bronco

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The Ford Bronco was first produced in 1966 with the intentions of competing with the Jeep CJ-5. This was genius; though much-loved, the Mustang was based off the Ford Falcon and lacked that “one of a kind” vibe. The Bronco, however, had a unique frame, body, and extension and Ford was able to market it as one of the first civilian “Sports Utility” vehicles. I'd have to say Morrie's Heritage's 1973 Bronco fits the description perfectly! Looking under the hood, the ’66-’77 model had an inline 6 while the updated model was given a V8. It also gained a catalytic converter and emission controls. In 1978, Ford wanted to make Bronco bigger so they used F100 pickup truck chassis, its biggest competitor became the Chevy Blazer. Also, Like the Country Squire, the Bronco got folding rear seats and a roll down back window too. Oh, and of course, the popular external spare tire. In 1980, Ford made the Bronco lighter and shorter hoping for a more efficient powertrain. It was given an inline 6 engine again and only made it available in manual transmission. This time, it was built on an F150 chassis. In ’87 the Bronco got a facelift, mainly with the intentions of giving the truck better aerodynamics. They reshaped its front bumper and hood, gave it a flatter front grille, and gave it composite headlamps. In ’92 the last remodel took place focusing on safety updates such as crumple zones, seatbelts in the rear, more airbags and [...]

10 09, 2018

Weekly Feature – Ferrari F430

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The Ferrari F430 was produced from 2004 to 2009 as a revision of the 360 with aim to improve aerodynamics. The F430 has a handful of Ferrari heritage exterior design details. For example, the tail lights and engine cover vents replicate that of the Enzo’s. Just like the Testarossa, the driver’s side mirror has the name etched in it, and the oval openings on the front bumper resemble those of earlier Ferrari racing models.   The F430 was the first Ferrari to have the Manettino dials on the steering wheel. Manettino, meaning little lever, allows the driver to adjust things like suspension, traction and throttle response simply and quickly. So yeah, it’s basically a spaceship. Lastly, The F430 has a 4.3L V8 petrol engine. It has 343 lb-ft of torque, 80% which is available blew 3,500 RPM. Its top speed is 186mph and it has a 3.6s 0-60 time. This is .6s faster than the 360. The F430 also features what they call the “E-Diff”, a limited slip active differential, as well. This allows the distribution of torque to be varied depending on steering and acceleration.

7 09, 2018

Fall Spot – Taste of White Bear Lake

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Growing up there was no better incentive than “Free Samples” to get me to go grocery shopping with Mom on Sunday afternoons. Heck, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t recently make a pit stop at Kowalski’s on the way home from church just to see which gourmet cheese and cracker combo they had for me to try.  […]

4 09, 2018

Weekly Feature – 1971 Corvette

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The C3 Corvette was produced from ’68-’82. Morrie's Heritage's Corvette is a 1971, middle-model of the C3. The engine and chassis were the same as the previous generation, but the C3 got brand new interior and exterior aesthetics. Though the C3 model was titled the Stingray, the name was retired after the ’76 year until it returned in 2014. C2 C3 Differing from the previous gen, the concealed headlights moved using a vacuum operated system rather than electrics. The door handles were now flush to the door, the front fenders got functioning vents, and side vents were discontinued. For the first time in Corvette-history, the ’71 model C3 had air conditioning as an option and 53% of purchases chose it. Another change to the C3 was the relocation of the battery. It moved from the engine area to behind the seats for better weight distribution.  The base engine for the ’71 Vette was a 5.7L small block V8 which generated 270hp. Only in ’71 the LS6 was offered as well, which generated a terrifying 425hp and could be ordered in manual or automatic transmission. I’ll take one in every color, please!

27 08, 2018

Weekly Feature – Aston Martin DB9

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The Aston Martin DB9 is categorized as a British grand tourer, defined as a luxury vehicle with impressive performance such as speed and long-distance driving capability. The DB9 was introduced in 2003 as the successor of the glorious DB7. The reason Aston didn’t name it the DB8 was because they feared people would attribute the name to the car having a V8, which is false. The original DB9 took the same 5.9L V12 as the Vanquish. However, the newest model DB9 has a 6.0L V12 engine under its hood giving it 457 lb-ft of torque, a top speed of 183mph and a 4.5s 0-60 time. The first models were made mostly of aluminum, only it’s bumper and bonnet are composite. The car has the traditional Aston grille and side strakes and the back end of the car resembles the DB4 and 5. 2008 DB9 The DB9 got some minor revisions in 2013 such as a wider front splitter, LED daytime strips and, clear rear taillights, and an updated grille and spoiler. 2015 DB9 If you’re a car guy, I’m sure you’ve heard the word Volante tossed around. This is simply the convertible version of the DB9 coupé. In 2015 the final edition, the DB9 GT was released before the car was discontinued in 2016, to be succeeded by the beautiful DB11. It's only convertible weather a little bit longer, head to the Rent tab at the top of our home page and reserve our Aston Martin DB9 Volante before it's [...]

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