No matter what company you work for, you should always be familiar with the product. So when you work for a company that has a classic car rental program, you need to drive the cars. I mean, naturally. And when I was offered the chance to take the Porsche Speedster home on a gorgeous sunny day, I jumped at the opportunity. There is no experience like cutting out of work early because you need to “make sure a Porsche Speedster is working properly”.

As I was about to leave for the day, I made sure to triple check the weather to make sure it wasn’t going to rain during my Speedster experience. Although the clouds were looking a little grey, the forecast and radar showed no rain. So I hopped in the little red convertible and went on my way. 10 minutes later, it started to rain. I immediately started laughing as I was driving, which I’m sure made me look like a maniac to other drivers. If everything would have gone right in this car, I would have been concerned. So I kept driving, figuring I would either drive through the raincloud or it would stop raining. Instead, it started raining harder. Because I’m tall and the windshield is short, the rain started coming directly at my face. I figured it was time to pull over and put the top on, but that was easier said than done. Convertibles like this are meant to be convertibles, and aren’t very happy about being coupes. After spending 15 minutes trying to figure out how to attach the top so it wouldn’t come flying up on the highway, I got in and immediately realized how little visibility I had left. But after making it through the rain and getting home, it became a convertible once again.

As a driver who goes for an annual track day at Road America, I’m all about horsepower and speed. While the Porsche Speedster may have “speed” in the name, that’s certainly not what it’s built for; at least compared to today’s standards. And that didn’t bother me one bit. There is something about driving a tiny, old, bright red convertible through Minneapolis that reminds you it’s not all about speed and power.

Arriving home in the Speedster, I was met with open mouths and wide eyes. Even though this car is small, it gets a sizeable amount of attention! After managing to pry ourselves away from keen eyes, we had to make a decision on where to take the adorable red convertible. There are only so many hours of sunlight in a day, and only so many places the tiny gas tank will allow you to travel to. We decided to drive through Hudson and Stillwater, traveling along the water and naturally stopping for a photo opportunity.

After ending the evening with a smile permanently glued on our faces, we were ready to tuck the Speedster in for a well deserved nap. We successfully completed our task of making sure it was working as it should, so if you’re craving a car that allows you to enjoy summer the way it’s meant to be enjoyed, look no further than the Porsche Speedster.