I’ve seen every episode of Say Yes to the Dress,  I’ve watched dozens of episodes of Amazing Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cake Challenge on Food Network, and my Pinterest board titled ‘Happily Ever After’ contains enough differing wedding theme ideas to wholly plan a wedding for every one of my best friends. Do I consider myself a certified wedding planner? I do. (get it?😏)

My love for all-things-wedding started when I was 15 years old, I remember my mom saying that I was far too young to be thinking about marriage and my obsession terrified her. Little did I know then, that I’d have a job in the automotive field, my other passion, that would give me the opportunity to regularly be a part of a customers’ big day.

One of my favorite perks of working for Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection is hearing customers’ excite over how perfect the car will be for their wedding, hearing stories about how much their family and friends loved their sweet get-away car, and seeing pictures of the new couple cruising away!

Here are a few pictures of MHCC cars at customers’s big days:




After seeing these beautiful pictures, I can assure you that my overly thought about wedding will include a classic car. Aw, I love love!

Interested in adding a MHCC car to your wedding guest list? Browse our cars and make your reservation here.