You may have heard that it was a complete wash out at the Us Grand Prix this past weekend in Austin, but did you hear about some of the creative activities the pit crews came up with between rain delays? One team used spare car parts as a Frisbee. Red Bull created a makeshift bowling alley with Red Bull cans as pins. The Force India perhaps was the most creative creating their own bobsled that they raced up and down pit lane.

Generally we tend to agree with the various “worst cars” lists that publishers put together, however this time around we have to put our foot down. There is one car in Road and Track’s 12 of the Most Embarrassing Cars Ever Built list that we just don’t’ agree with. Care to guess which one it is? We’ll give you a hint. There are no less than four owned by the MHHC team.

If you’re anything like us you’ve probably been known to troll Craigslist looking for hidden automotive treasure. Occasionally you find one, but in most cases all you find is junk. To honor the junk out there we present you with the ten crappiest cars on Craigslist right now. Still not compelled to click the link? You’ll be missing out on the answer to a question nobody every asked – what would a Harley engine Geo Metro three wheeler look like?

Continuing with the theme, some people say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you don’t believe it you clearly haven’t met our uncle Bob. This week we introduce you to a derelict Corvair found in a Denver wrecking yard.   If the images make you cringe we’re happy to introduce you to a squeaky clean Corvair Monza that just so happens to be available for rent.

And finally, an ode to the FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser, or more appropriately titled a story of how someone found exactly what they wanted on Craigslist and then unraveled the basket case it really was. Read along as SpeedHunters contributor Keith Charvonia details his ownership journey with a FJ60 trail hunter.