With the off season in full swing we thought we would keep you up to date on what projects we are working on over the winter months. We plan to update you every couple of weeks and show what we have done and what we have planned to fix/improve the fleet.

1977 Mazda Rotary Pickup:

The Mazda REPU is the newest addition and first on our list. After we picked up the little Mazda in Seattle we fought a fueling issues on the way back (5 fuel filters and a fuel pump) due to a rusty gas tank,  after all it is almost 40 years old. So we are pulling the bed to give us better access  to the tank and allowing use to replace all the fuel lines to ensure the system is clean. We have already taken the intake and carburetor off the car to replace the intake gaskets and have the carburetor rebuilt as all of the gaskets in both are old a dried out and in need of replacement. We will also be looking at the fuel pressure regulator and probably replacing our current one with one that has a fuel return provision. There is is a hose that we thought was the vent for the tank but we found that actual vent. We will also be adding a fuel pressure gauge to help us tuning the whole set up once it is back together.


The brake and suspension will also get a refresh. While we didn’t have a issues with the brakes during the trip but the feel seemed inconsistent. We pulled them apart and the drivers side was assembled incorrectly and the pads are low anyways, so we will do brakes all around including rotors and drums. The suspension is old and needs a couple of refreshing, we would like to actually like to maybe raise the car up a little. While we love the look of the truck as it sits, the front suspension is too low which  is effecting the roll centers and giving the truck poor handling. The rear suspension might get different lowering blocks to raise up the suspension an inch or we may install air springs to gives us the flexibility to change the height and aid in comfort. Some of the bushing and the rear shocks are pretty worn out so we have parts on the way to solve that.

We are also going to update the interior with a new radio and hook up the speakers that are in the miata seats. While the seats are out we will get the sliders working and raise the seats up a little bit to make the visibility a little better for the driver.


1969 Pontiac Firebird:

The Firebird has been a very reliable car but it did developed a couple a little issues late in season that need to be addressed. First of which is the Radiator sprung a leak and will need to be replaced but the water pump seems to have given up also and has leaked all over the Dojo. While we are digging in there we will also have the pull the intake manifold to replace the gaskets as they have sprung a leak where the exhaust crossed over from one side to the other. All of this shouldn’t be too hard but will be fairly time consuming.


Dojo Organization:

We will be diving deep into the backroom at the Dojo, it has been a dumping zone for spare parts, tools and other supplies all summer long. We have racking and it was better set up but that was 8 cars and countless projects ago. We will completely empty out the room and start from scratch.

Some other projects that won’t be done at the Dojo:

Many of the sport utility vehicles in the fleet are getting undercoating done so we can run them in the more inclement weather. That will start this week and we will be doing two or three cars a week.


You can get a inside look at our day to day progress on this project via Twitter and Instagram.