If you didn’t catch our road trip blog you can read about how we got to Denver here, but basically, we hopped in our Porsche 911 and made a run for Denver. We took the long way across and down which if you haven’t done is simply amazing. If you want to just know if we sold our 1965 Lincoln Continental and 1966 Chevrolet Corvair though, you’re in the right place! So this is the tale about how it went, what we expected, and much more!

First things first. We had the vehicles dropped off at a secondary location, which is something you never want to do, but our options were limited. So Josh who was joining me on the trip set out with me to retrieve the cars and bring them back to the auction. Of course, when we arrived it would be too convenient to have them both start and the Corvair was dead. I’m about 99.9% sure the truck driver left the key on accessory mode and conveniently forgot to mention it was dead. We tried to push start it which was a failed effort, then out of nowhere, a security guard had arrived. He had some jumper cables and after we showed him how to pop the hood on his car we were off and running!

We arrived to check in the vehicles and realized when we went back towards the cars someone was checking out the Corvair (or so we thought). They actually were employees of the Mecum auctions and said the Corvair wasn’t starting, which seemed strange since I had just driven it to the auction 5 mins prior. The kind gentleman had told us it wasn’t getting gas and removed the fuel pump, primed it with some gas, and reinstalled the pump. The vehicle fired right up and ran like a dream, so we’re not sure if anything was actually wrong or not, but we were thankful for some helpful employees.

Now that we had the car’s setup and checked in, we had to wait an entire day before they crossed the auction block. We took off in our Porsche 911 for Pikes Peak, which you can read about on our other blog, but here we’re focusing on the auction.

So let’s get back to it! Our Lincoln was drawing some decent attention. Then it started drawing a lot of attention when we dropped the top on Friday afternoon. People were asking lots of questions about the vehicle and there seemed to be some real interested buyers at the show. We spent a good part of the afternoon wandering around looking at some other vehicles that would be crossing the block and guessing what they might sell for. We watched some auction action and started to get closer to the hopeful hammer drop on our two cars. The Corvair didn’t seem to be drawing as much attention and my main focus was the Continental so we stuck around there and hoped for the best.

The Mecum driver jumped in and took off for the staging area. This is when the nerves really started pumping and I had really mixed feelings. I can tell you now that we had our reserve set at a reasonable amount of money, but I was worried that it might not get there. “Was this the right auction for the vehicle?” “Did we list the reserve too low?” My brain was racing and the car was inching toward the “On Deck” area.

We had a couple of cars to go and this is when I was started to freak out. “Would it get to the reserve? WOULD IT!” Before we knew it the Lincoln was called up to the auction block.

It spiked almost immediately to $20,000 dollars which had been amazing. I had a bit of confidence back and all the sudden I realized a couple of people really wanted this vehicle. Back and forth bidding started to push the car to 30k. Then 40k. Then 50k. People in the crowd starting cheering at each bid! Now, at this point, I’m happy as a clam in the sea, and can’t wait to see where it goes. We’re making money and it’s still going! Then the Lincoln gets to 60k, then some more. As I hear the auctioneer calling for final bids, WHAM the hammer slams down at $65,000 and I didn’t know what to do. I was so excited and giddy I just ran off the stage. I didn’t see who won, I didn’t really even know what to do next!

It was sold and I was going home happy. Then I remembered we had the ’66 Corvair selling at no reserve! “How could I forget about the Corvair,” I thought to myself as I ran back towards the stage.  We waited a little bit and it was time to see what we could get for the Corvair. Now I know it wasn’t going to be much, especially compared to the Lincoln, but anything was better than nothing at this point.

So with a lot less excitement from the crowd, the Corvair didn’t really jump off the block. The auctioneer worked the crowd pretty hard, but the hammer fell at 7k which was a little light from what I wanted, but fair nonetheless. Now, both cars had sold and we made a bit of cash so I could be any happier. I had complimentary bidders pass which I really wanted to use a couple of times, but kept my cool and decided to take the money and run.

This was a great experience and I’m happy we made it out to Denver for the Mecum Auction. It was a great success not only from the car sales, but our Porsche 911 ran amazing for all 2,200 miles of the journey we took. I would highly recommend getting to a major car auction if you’ve never been, even if you are just spectating. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening watching cars cross the block. We can’t wait for our next adventure, and hopefully, it will be sooner than later!