This was our second year sponsoring the Walleye 1000 and we cannot say enough about how great of an event this truly is. When we showed up just outside of Prescott, WI to kick off the event, everyone was giddy like a bunch of kids on the last day of school.

The vehicles all lined up, we had a few words about where we’d be heading, and we took off through Prescott to enjoy the open road. The weather was a bit steamy at the launch and didn’t cool down much throughout the day. Amazingly, all 34 cars were able to take off in the heat and head towards our final destination for the day which was La Crosse, WI.

Throughout the day there was plenty of time to stop and take in the scenic byways of Wisconsin, maybe run through an antique store or two, and even stop for a nice iced coffee (which we had to do). We found ourselves swapping places and catching up with different vehicles all throughout the drive, which is one of the best parts of the rally. “Who is stopping for gas there. Which vehicle is that up ahead a ways” were things we found ourselves saying pretty frequently. We ended our day with a lovely dinner at the Freighthouse in La Crosse, which made for a fitting setting to hold our vintage car rally banquet meal.

For the second day the goal was to get to Axel’s restaurant in Mendota Heights back in Minnesota. We set off with the weather looking a little gloomy, but we fired up our rotary powered “Mini Horse,” grabbed our route book, and hoped for the best. After a few scenic stops and some photo-ops with the group, we did hit a bit of extremely dark weather. 11:15am could have easily been mistaken for 11:15pm with the way the street lamps were on, and the dark, swirling clouds moving in overhead. While we did get a decent amount of rain, before lunch the clouds broke and we were able to enjoy a picnic at Buena Vista Park near Alma, WI. After lunch we found some of the best driving roads on the entire trip. Featuring twisty rights and long sweeping left handers, this part of the journey was by far our favorite until we popped back out in Prescott one last time.

We met at dinner where, surprisingly, all the vehicles had survived the grueling heat, long stretches of twisty road, heavy rains, and everything else that could have been thrown at them. Awards were handed out, people fittingly ate some walleye, and we dispersed on our own paths until next year. What a great weekend – we can’t thank Dave Tobin, his wife Michelle, and the rest of the team that helps put on this amazing event year after year. You can certainly look out for us in the REPU next year on the 2018 Walleye 1000!