We thought with the auction season kicking off in Scottsdale this week we would cover a few of our highlights from what the various auction houses have to offer. While our picks are not necessarily the high dollar vehicles, we’ve assembled a list of interesting cars that we’d love to own. The Scottsdale auctions originally started in 1967 when Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett presented “Fiesta del Auto Elegance” to raise money for local charities. Today, the Scottsdale auctions are held by many of the auction houses, while events are held all week long and the bigger lots are auctioned off over the weekends.


RM Sotheby’s will be auctioning off this beautifully restored McLaren M1B Can-Am Car from 1966, one of 28 sold in the United States. Powered by a 5.7 liter Ford V8, this McLaren has period correct Weber carbs and Edelbrock heads.


Gooding & Company has a beautiful Ferrari 166MM/195 S Berlinetta Le Mans on the block which is one of 6 touring Berlinetta built on the 166 chassis. The Berlinetta design was heavier than previous models to aid in its performance at higher speed races like Le Mans. Beyond the race pedigree, the looks are to die for and that paint color is just stunning.

double down

Barrett Jackson has one of the most exciting cars in all of the auctions in our humble opinion. The Double Down is based on a 1932 custom and custom is the only word that describes this roadster. Power is from a 576 cubic inch engine pushing out 900 horsepower to the 28.5” racing slicks at all four wheels. You need to have those huge slicks at all four corners in order to get the power to the ground – after all it, has 4 wheel drive. That’s right – that is indeed a differential hanging out of the front grill.


Russo and Steele have up for bidding what is called a Double COPO Camaro from 1969, you have probably heard of a COPO before, Corporate Office Production Order, COPO were special ordered, low production cars that had options cherry picked from the best GM had to offer. This one has the more “common” L27 427 cubic inch option but in addition it has another COPO package was 140 mph speedometer and bigger sway bar and wheels.


Bohnams has a Batmobile for sale, but it may not be what you think, it is a BMW 3.0 CSL. We have seen these on the race track before at various vintage races, but these street version are few and far between. They were built for homologation regulations in European Touring Championship. They need to mirror the race car’s aggressive aero packages giving it the exaggerated lines which led to people giving it the nickname of Batmobile. The street version was fitted with aluminum body panels, poly carbonate windows and race seats. They also removed trim and sound proofing to aid the 300 lbs weight reduction.